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Kayak Outing

After having so much fun canoeing on the Charles last year, Preston went on to try kayaking this weekend. Mommy and Daddy like kayaking better than canoeing but finding a good spot to sit on the kayak could be tricky for Preston.

There are many crazy individuals along the busy Charles river on this given day.

It was a fun family outing. Preston even got to jump off the kayak (with a little help from Mommy) and swim in the river.

While in the water, Preston started to panic when mommy and daddy paddled away…. of course they came back to pick him up.

Time before Preston

Bringing home a four-legged kid and being able to provide them the attention and TLC they need is a HUGE commitment. Mommy and Daddy waited more than 10 years before they felt they were ready. They are glad that they did.
The waiting wasn’t easy. During the years when they were longing for a dog, Mommy and Daddy brought home these “substitutes” to keep them company. Now that they have Preston, it doesn’t mean they forget about their other dogs…
Scottie pen holder.
Scottie Pen holder
IKEA hat rack
IKEA doggie hat rack
Junkyard™ Sculptures by YardBirds®
junkyard dog
There is no substitute for this…
Silly Face
One of the biggest challenges Mommy and Daddy face as dog owners is going on a trip without Preston. When living in California, Preston used to spend time with Uncle Allen or Mina & Milo when Mommy and Daddy were out of town. It wasn’t until they moved to Boston did they realize how hard it is to find a perfect sitter.
Just as Mommy was very worried and frustrated, Mommy’s friend Leesteffy (an awesome dog walker!) came to the rescue and found Preston that perfect someone, Catherine, who takes Preston to work with her (in a nice big house with a friendly dog!) and even let Preston sleep on her bed with her (yes, under the covers!). How great is that!
Mommy and Daddy are going on a trip without Preston again this week. As soon as Mommy took out Preston’s travel bag, he started whimpering.
After Mommy finished packing and set the bag down, Preston immediately started unpacking…
Preston's travel ba

Cross-country Skiing

Mommy and Daddy enjoy downhill skiing but always feel sad that they can’t take Preston along. This weekend Mommy and Daddy decided to try cross-country skiing where Preston can enjoy some skiing fun too.
Preston went to Bretton Woods Nordic Center located in the beautiful Mt. Washington Resort in New Hampshire. There are designated trails for skiers with dogs.
It is a gorgeous day for skiing!

Here is Preston and Mommy’s attempt for skijoring (a winter sport where a person on skis is pulled by a horse, a dog (or dogs) or a motor vehicle)

Where is my present?

Thanks everyone for the wonderful christmas cards and presents! Preston especially loves checking the mail box during this time of the year. He couldn’t wait until Christmas morning to open his presents. Daddy’s attempt to hide the present Preston received from his puggle buddy, Bruschi, was unsuccessful.

Preston had a great Christmas holiday. Mommy, Daddy and Preston played New Super Mario Bros Wii together as a family!

Puggle Preston @ the Big Apple

When Mommy went to school in New York City years ago, she often dreamed of walking her dog on NYC streets and Central Park. This weekend, Preston helped Mommy realize her dream.
Preston has left his mark in many places in the city!

Fall Foliage

Fall foliage in New Hampshire is at its peak this week. Preston wouldn’t want to miss the dazzling fall colors at the Kancamagus highway.
Mommy and Aunt Chrissy ran a 10K race on Monday. Mommy ran as fast as she could, knowing Preston was waiting at the finish line.

Hiking Welch & Dickey Mountains

Preston went hiking in White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire. Mommy and Daddy picked Welch-Dickey Loop for this hike.
The hike starts out with an easy trail in the woods.
Then, it gets a bit more strenuous. Preston needed a little lift from Daddy sometimes.
The view at the summit is breathtaking.
Mommy and Daddy like this trail a lot. Welch-Dickey loop is not long (4.4 miles, 3.5 hour hike) but challenging enough to get a feeling of accomplisment. There are several open ledges providing spectacular panoramic views along the way. It is a great family hike. Preston has become such a good hiker. He led the way but always made sure Mommy follows closely.

Dog-friendly Boston

Boston is such a dog-friendly city. Preston can ride with Mommy and Daddy on the subway (the “T”). He was very well-behaved.
Many restaurants with outdoor seatings can accommodate 4-legged customers. Mommy and Daddy had brunch at Abe & Louie’s. Preston stayed right next to Mommy but on the other side of the rail.

Nashoba Valley Winery

Preston went apple and peach picking at Nashoba Valley Winery. This is one of few pet-friendly wineries. There were a lot of doggies out in the orchard today but not many of them helping out picking the fruit like Preston did.

Newport, Rhode Island

Preston spent Saturday in Newport, Rhode Island. Although he couldn’t visit any of historic Newport Mansions, he enjoyed the beautiful Cliff Walk.
But a kiss for Daddy is worth the risk.
Preston had his first ocean swim. See the dramatic rubber duckie rescue mission.