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New Home!

The moving company finally delivered Preston’s toys!
Before all the toys arrived, Mommy and Daddy got him a new stuffie and they named it “Tyson” (yes, after the famous skateboarding bulldog). He likes Tyson but still misses the rest of his toys.

Preston was really excited about seeing his toys. He couldn’t wait to unpack them.

Here is a video of Preston checking out his new apartment, which is twice as big as his Boston home, for the first time.

Kayak Outing

After having so much fun canoeing on the Charles last year, Preston went on to try kayaking this weekend. Mommy and Daddy like kayaking better than canoeing but finding a good spot to sit on the kayak could be tricky for Preston.

There are many crazy individuals along the busy Charles river on this given day.

It was a fun family outing. Preston even got to jump off the kayak (with a little help from Mommy) and swim in the river.

While in the water, Preston started to panic when mommy and daddy paddled away…. of course they came back to pick him up.

“Blanket” trick

Preston hasn’t learned new tricks for awhile. Last week, Mommy saw a great tutorial posted by Preston’s new friend, Honey the Great Dane and decided to teach Preston the “blanket” trick. Thanks Honey for sharing your training secret!


Mommy hopes this video will encourage anyone who has a hard time trimming their dog’s nails to keep trying eventhough it might seem like an impossible task.
Preston used to be terrified of nail trimming. Visits to the groomer were quite traumatizing for him. Mommy tried Peticure┬« but Preston ran away on the buzzing sound of the electric filer. Nail trimming was such a dreadful activity for both Mommy and Preston. For more than two years, Mommy had given up on trimming Preston’s nails. Luckily, his active lifestyle kept his nails naturally short. His dew claws were removed by the breeder so Mommy never has to worry about them.
This past winter was Preston’s first winter living in a place where there was a lot of snow. The de-icers on the ground made it hard to go for long walks. Running in the snow or grassy parks was just not enough to wear down his nails. Nail trimming became necessary again and Mommy wasn’t looking forward to doing it at all.
To Mommy’s surprise, nail clipping was so much easier this time around. Preston has become quite comfortable with his pawdicure, sometimes, he even falls alseep in the midst of it.

Preston’s pawdicure kit:
Preston's Pawdicure kit!
How does Preston learn to enjoy the nail clipping?
1. Growing up Preston is used to having his paws handled. Mommy likes holding his paws and wiggling his toes when cuddling.
2. Preston got two cheerios and a big praise if he let Mommy touch his toes with a nail clipper (without clipping). Repeat this many many times.
3. Then, move on to real clipping, Preston got two cheerios for each snap sound the clipper makes.

And many many cheerios later…

FYI: Nail clipping instructions

Say Hi to Daddy!

Daddy has been traveling a lot lately. Preston has learned to say hi to daddy through the webcam.


Cross-country Skiing

Mommy and Daddy enjoy downhill skiing but always feel sad that they can’t take Preston along. This weekend Mommy and Daddy decided to try cross-country skiing where Preston can enjoy some skiing fun too.
Preston went to Bretton Woods Nordic Center located in the beautiful Mt. Washington Resort in New Hampshire. There are designated trails for skiers with dogs.
It is a gorgeous day for skiing!

Here is Preston and Mommy’s attempt for skijoring (a winter sport where a person on skis is pulled by a horse, a dog (or dogs) or a motor vehicle)

Dental Hygiene

February is national pet dental health month. Preston is taking this opportunity to remind everyone the importance of pet dental care.
These pearly whites have won Preston many praises from the vet during his annual exam.
Mommy brushes Preston’s teeth every day. Of all the doggie toothpaste Mommy has tried, C.E.T. brand is her favorite.
Preston is so good at letting Mommy brush his teeth, especially when he is sleepy…

FYI: Read about a complete dental care program and home dental care guide by Dr. Holly Nash.

Valentine’s Day ’10

Valentine’s day is always a splurge day for Preston (Mommy and Daddy too). His treat this year is especially sweet.
Mike’s Pastry is Boston’s most famous pastry shop. This place is so well-known even Preston knows about it.
Apparently, Preston has had his eyes on the pastry box all night since the moment Mommy and Daddy came home with it. He does not need anyone to tell him what “Mike’s Pastry” is and where Mommy kept the pastries.

Past Valentine’s day splurges, 2007, 2008 and 2009.

Little Helper II

Mommy and Daddy live in a fourth floor walk-up. Carrying groceries up can be quite tiresome. Thank goodness they got a little helper!

also see Little Helper I

Laser Pointer Obsession

When a puggle would chose a laser pointer over his treats, it is definitely an obsession. When Preston wants to play laser pointer, he does not give Mommy and Daddy any chances to say “no”.
In the old days, he used to steal the laser pointer from the desk and beg Mommy to play with him.

These days, he has a new strategy.