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Halloween 2010

Preston has the funniest Halloween costumes this year…yes, costumeS. Mommy got not one but two costumes for him.
Guess what Preston is this year?

A mounted moose head!

and a rodeo bull!

Preston was at Howl-o-ween dog walk held by CAP (Citizens for Animal Protection) on Saturday. There were many dogs (and humans) dressed up for the costume contest.

These angels were Mommy’s favorite.

This family took home first prize!

Mommy thinks it was the baby won it for the family.

Halloween event was fun but could be quite tiring too. Preston is going nite-nite in his Halloween pajamas.

Halloween 2009, 2008 and 2007.

Winter Wardrobe

Preston has a nice winter wardrobe that keeps him warm and cozy all winter long.
…and he can always borrow from Mommy and Daddy too!

Collar, collar & more collars

Mommy is a collar junkie so Preston has a growing collection of collars.
It is hard to believe how tiny Preston’s first collar is. It only lasted 3 weeks.
More puppy collars…
For going to the dog park and swimming, Preston needs a rugged and waterproof collar. He wears his Dublin Dog collar.
Each of his collars has its own ID tag.
FYI: Mommy likes to order Preston’s collars from The Mod Dog. The Mod Dog offers a wide selection of custom-made collars at great prices and excellent quality.
The pawprint ID tags are made by

Bye, fall! Here comes winter!

Preston in autumn camouflage.
Mommy has to give him credit for being very patient and posing for the pictures.
Preston woke up this morning to the first snow of the season.

Halloween Pet Parade

Preston went to Boston’s annual Halloween Pet Parade today. There were many doggies in the coolest costumes. Preston did not want to be under-dressed so he put on his hotdog suit for the parade.
Halloween Pet Parade
What a happy event in Faneuil Hall today!
Mommy was wondering why Preston was especially friendly with this doggie and gave her lots of kisses. It turned out…
Mommy’s favorite is this chocolate lab dressed up as a horsie.

Hot Puggle

Mommy always wanted to get Preston one of those hot dog suits. She finally found one that fits Preston perfectly.
Isn’t Preston hot?
Preston was upset with Mommy for making him wear the silly costume. He was giving mommy his angry face.
Preston preferred using the costume as a pillow.

It’s a li’l stinker!

Good guess, everyone!
There are many skunks in the neighborhood where Preston lives. They usually come out at night and make Preston’s late night walkies or potty runs quite an adventure. Mommy thinks the little stinker costume would be a great disguise and keep Preston safe.
You think Preston can fool the real stinkers?
“ is me!”
He does look like a cow, doesn’t he? That was a good guess too!

Pet Parade

Time flies! It is Redwood City Pet Parade again!
Preston dressed up for the parade like he did last year.

Preston was walking in front of the Little Red Riding Hood and “Granny” weim in the parade.

Preston was performing the “circle around mommy” in the trick contest. He also completed the “Nike Ball” trick this time.

Preston got Second Place in the trick contest (again!). The first prize went to a very smart beagle who could jump through the hoops.

Bomber Jacket

A new addition to Preston’s wardrobe- Bomber Jacket.
It goes really well with his jeans.

Sleepless in Seattle

This gotta be the most awesome vacation Preston has had by far.

Dog park at Luther Burbank Park, Mercer Island.
Puggle Preston at luther burbank pak

Magnuson Park, Seattle. There were hundreds of dogs playing and running in the 9-acre off-leash area.
PUGGLE PRESTON at magnuson park

Marymoor Park, Redmond. With 40-acre off-leash area, this is the biggest dog park Preston has been to.
puggle preston at Marymoor park

Visiting the beautiful UW campus.
puggle preston at uw

Admiring Space Needle from Kerry Park, Queen Anne Hill.
puggle preston seattle

Playing Tug-of-war with Cousin Flower.
puggle preston and cousin flower

Wrestling with the polar bear.
puggle preston and polar bear