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Hello from Seattle

Preston is spending Christmas holidays at Grandma and Grandpa’s house in Seattle!
He made it to Seattle safely, whew! Judging from his expression, it didn’t seem like he had an enjoyable flight. (FYI: Preparing to fly with a puggle)
puggle preston travel

Preston was well-prepared for Seattle’s weather. The dog umbrella kept him dry (well… partially) from the rain.
puggle and dog umbrella


Time to go trick-or-treating! But Preston had to first decide if he wanted to be an alligator…. (Good guess, Maggie!)
Puggle aligator

or just be his true self…
Devil Puggle

Mommy and daddy took Preston trick r treating at Stanford Shopping Center and had tons of fun.

The inspiration of Preston’s costume came from this cool Croc-Eat-Dog costume. It was a promotion for the Zoo Neunkirchen in Germany.

Pet Parade

Preston went to Redwood City Annual Pet Parade today. He was a shining star in the parade.
All dressed-up!
dressed up for parade

Lots of cute dogs in the parade. Preston won a lot of attention.

Preston was in “the coolest trick” contest. He did “sit”, “shake and change paw”, “speak”, “dance” and “take a bow”. Unfortunately he refused to lay down and roll over or play dead on the cement floor. His trick performance made it to Channel 26 News!
tricks contest

Preston won second place in the trick contest. First prize went to a yellow lab who could do roll over.
parade 2nd place prize

Hello from Mendocino!

Preston visited the pet-friendly coastal town, Mendocino, California.
Puggle Preston Mendocino


Nothing is cuter than Preston in jeans (with suspenders!!)
Puggle in Jeans

Leave It Part II

Part of obedience training is to “leave it” on the floor to prevent a bad habit of eating off the floor.
Do you think we spoil him too much by having so many choices of treats?

Trick Recap

Preston has been busy learning to be obedient, but he hasn’t forgotten all the tricks he’s learned.

Obedience Training

1) Leave It and Take It

2) Stay and Come

3) Wait and Go

4) Wipe your Paw
Preston knows “Wipe your butt” too (we’ll leave that to your imagination)

Poochie Star

Preston is the Jan 2007 Poochie Bell Star . We always knew he would be a star one day !! Next up Hollywood.

First Christmas

After wearing the reindeer hat, he was ready to open his first Christmas gift. He normally loves to rip up paper and boxes and we usually tell him no, this is the one day that we encouraged it !! Santa brought him a new cow toy and a pig ear to chew on. Preston’s so smart that he learned the name of his new toy “cow” within a day. Of course within a few hours, the pig ear was no more.