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A surprise from Clover

Preston’s friend Clover sent him a surprise package all the way from Ottawa, Canada!
It was sent more than a month ago but Preston didn’t get it until today… Ottawa must be far far away!
Preston couldn’t wait to open up his surprise.

Let’s see what the surprise is!

There are more goodies from Clover. Thank you, Clover!
Preston stole the hockey stick when mommy was taking the picture.

Best Friends

It’s been awhile since Preston visited Mina and Milo the Westies. Milo is Preston’s best poochie friend on the planet!
“Preston, do you wanna go to Milo’s house?”

Best friends forever.

“Did you get stuck, Preston? Want me to help you out?”

Mina wanted to join the boys too

A perfect match!

Mina and Milo the Westies

Mommy and Daddy’s friends, auntie Rebekah and Uncle Marshall, got a new westie puppy, Milo, a few months ago. They already had a 2-year westie girl named Mina. Preston went over to their house to say hi to his old “friend” Mina (Preston always drove Mina crazy when they met!) and to also meet little Milo for the first time. Milo and Preston hit it off immediately (Miss Mina on the other hand did not miss Preston very much!). They played all afternoon and night and wore each other out.
mina milo preston1

milo mina preston2

The Coolest Dog Park…Ever!!

Preston visited Auntie Karin and Uncle John in San Francisco this weekend. They took Preston to Chrissy Field Park.

Preston was in paradise because beaches and dog parks are two of his favorite places on earth and Chrissy Field Park is a dog park by the beach!
chirssy field1

Preston met Jackson the super digger.
chrissy field park 4

Jackson sure is a serious digger.
chrissy field park 3

Preston and the Boston were wrestling with each other while Jackson was working hard on his “project”.
chrissy field park5

Ta-da! Project completed! Two perfectly symmetric holes big enough to fit a lab. good job, Jackson!
chrissy field park 6

Bark in the park

Preston attended “Bark in the Park 2007” in Naglee Park, San Jose. There were over a thousand dogs attending.
Preston has never seen so many doggies before.

Preston’s first agility course.
“Good jump! Daddy!”

Preston entered the silly trick contest. Mommy was trying to get him to do the nike ball trick (one of the seven golf balls is Nike, Preston has to pick the Nike ball out and drop it in the box) Not only did he fail to do the trick, he was running around on the stage and completely ignoring Mommy (while hundreds of people were watching…) Mommy had to have little “talk” with Preston when we got home.

Preston met his look-a-like Maverick who was also one of Chelle’s puppies.

Brodie and Preston

Preston got a surprise email from his brother, Brodie, who lives in the Sacramento area with his family.
See the resemblance? How handsome they both are!
Here is a puppy portrait Chelle took before the boys each went to their new home. Brodie is on the right, Preston is in the center and the one on the left is Snoopy. Where are you, Snoopy??
Preston also has a sister named Chloe, who looked just like Preston when they were little.

Seeing double?

There were not many dogs in the dog park today but luckily Preston’s puggle buddy, Ace, showed up with his mom later. When the two of them get together, they are in a world of their own. Guess which one is Preston??
Puggles Preston and Ace
Of course he is the chubby one on the ground!

Catch me if you can

As we do on any good weekend, we brought him to the Redwood City Dog Park. Since it was Christmas weekend, we weren’t sure how many dogs would show up. Apparantly there were only a few dogs and they were mainly on the bigger side so we took him to the big dog side and let him run around with the big dogs. Preston’s not afraid of any dog of any size and will play happily with them. There were 2 big black dogs that he especially liked to play with. Either he would chase them or he would be chased. With his short legs, it was difficult to outrun them and it was only a matter of time before they caught up to him. Love the way his ears fly up when he runs.
dog park

First day of school and one fun day

We couldn’t get him to wake up this morning. He must have known it was his first day of school.

Twenty minutes later we went back to check on him and this is how we found him. He crawled back into the covers.


We dragged him out of bed and eventually made it to his first day of puppy class. He’s taking classes at the PetSmart in Mountain View. Here is daddy holding him in class.

After some basic obedience training, Preston got bored and decided to take a little nap while the teacher was speaking.


In his class, he met a very nice classmate named Bob, an American Mastiff, who was 6 months old and already 120lbs. Bob sitting was taller than Preston when he stood on his hind legs.


After he successfully completed his first day of puppy school, we took him to the dog park. There were a lot of dogs there today for him to play with.


Keli the Golden Retriever

Mommy took Preston to Stanford’s grass park near the hospital to play. There he met a golden retriever name Keli. They hit it off immediately and had a great time playing. From the video, you can see how excited Preston was.