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Loosing his manhood

Today was a sad day in Preston’s life as he was neutered. This was done at Palo Alto Animal Services which provides neutering at a very reasonable cost. After he got home that day, he was so out of it for the next 24 hours. He didn’t want to play and didn’t want to eat. He just wanted to sleep. From this picture, you can see how tired he was that evening.

Puggle on the loose

We were in for a BIG surprise one day when we came home from work. I eagerly came home to let him out of the crate, but when I opened the door Preston was standing near the door greeting me with a “suprise and I did something bad” smirk. When we left him this morning in the crate, mommy must have forgetten to lock it leaving him full access to the apartment all day. From the look of the apartment, he really enjoyed himself all day. He had time to explore every corner of the apartment and chewed on everything he could get his paws on. Luckily he didn’t have “accidents” anywhere in the apartment all day. Whew !

Dancing with a Puggle

Preston is ready to take the “Dancing with the Stars” challenge. He’ll win just by his cuteness. This took him the longest to learn so far because of the increased technical difficulty. He wasn’t a natural jumper and had to learn to stand on his hind legs.

Poochie Bell

Many people asked us how Preston “told” us when he wanted to go potty? The answer is “Poochie Bell“. He used to sit by the door quietly and we had no way of finding out unless we kept our eyes on him. He must have been just as frustrated as we were so he learned to ring the Poochie Bell the next day after we hung it by the door. The bell works very well but Preston occasionally abuses it when there are activities going on outside and he wants to check it out.

Rainy Day

Preston put on the raincoat mommy got him. He is the cutest puppy on the block. He LOVES the raincoat because he has figured out Raincoat = Going out!


Keli the Golden Retriever

Mommy took Preston to Stanford’s grass park near the hospital to play. There he met a golden retriever name Keli. They hit it off immediately and had a great time playing. From the video, you can see how excited Preston was.

Did my bed shrink?

After mommy scolded Preston, he tried to hide in his bed. However, he’s grown so big that he no longer fits anymore. But that didn’t stop him from trying to squeeze in.


Profile shot

We were able to get this profile shot of Preston when he was really tired and able to sit still for us.


After a good hard week of training, Preston finally can crawl. Occasionally he will cheat a little bit and raise his butt up too far.