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Poochie Star

Preston is the Jan 2007 Poochie Bell Star . We always knew he would be a star one day !! Next up Hollywood.

First Christmas

After wearing the reindeer hat, he was ready to open his first Christmas gift. He normally loves to rip up paper and boxes and we usually tell him no, this is the one day that we encouraged it !! Santa brought him a new cow toy and a pig ear to chew on. Preston’s so smart that he learned the name of his new toy “cow” within a day. Of course within a few hours, the pig ear was no more.

When can I open my present?

Preston is celebrating his first Christmas this year. Of course he had to wear the Santa outfit and now his reindeers. In this picture he’s probably wondering if he’s been a good or naughty puggle this year and when he’ll be able to open the Xmas presents that Santa brought him. Stay tuned for more Xmas pictures and videos…

Catch me if you can

As we do on any good weekend, we brought him to the Redwood City Dog Park. Since it was Christmas weekend, we weren’t sure how many dogs would show up. Apparantly there were only a few dogs and they were mainly on the bigger side so we took him to the big dog side and let him run around with the big dogs. Preston’s not afraid of any dog of any size and will play happily with them. There were 2 big black dogs that he especially liked to play with. Either he would chase them or he would be chased. With his short legs, it was difficult to outrun them and it was only a matter of time before they caught up to him. Love the way his ears fly up when he runs.
dog park

Puppy Class – Watch me !!

Today was the second puppy class. What Preston really needs to work on is how to walk properly with a leash. He needs a lot of work in this area as he gets easily distracted and runs ahead or away and not watch to see where we’re going. So when we’re walking and he stray off, we need to remind him to “watch me” as mommy is doing.

Kong Toy

This is probably one of the most ingeniously designed toys to keep them busy. Auntie Gina bought one for him. You stick a treat in the center of the toy and they’ll spend countless time chewing it trying to get it out. At first Preston was very curious and spent a long time trying to get the treat out of it. That gave mommy and daddy some free time without Preston constantly looking for attention during the evening. Occassionally he would get the Kong stuck under the sofa or dressor and would require mommy or daddy to help him get it out. After a while Preston got smart. After he gets frustrated, he would bring the Kong to mommy and give her a sad face saying “Can you help me get it out? PLEASE !!”
Puggle Preston and Kong

New Bed I

Sleeping is very important to Preston and he’s extremely picky about where he sleeps. He likes something soft and plush. When mommy saw this bed, she knew it was the one for him. Once we brought the bed home, he immediately inspected it to make sure it’s up to his standard by sniffing it, licking it (to mark his territory), and biting it. The new bed passed the test as he loves sleeping in it.

FYI: Preston’s bed is Candy Stripe Snuggle Bed (Large) by New York Dog.

Flying Preston

When Preston runs, his floppy ears flies up like they are wings and he’s ready to fly.

Santa Claus

Christmas is near and so we’re obligated to get Preston a Santa suit. When we first put the suit on him, he didn’t like it much and would give us a sad face, but over time he began to enjoy being Santa.
Is he a Santa or Little Red Riding Hood?

He later became “Dancing Santa”

Preston the Sailor Man

Preston is so cute wearing all these different clothes. Here is Preston the Sailor Man.