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Mean Face

ARRRGGG…Preston has what looks like a mean face but in reality is his underbite that he inherited from his Pug father.

First day of school and one fun day

We couldn’t get him to wake up this morning. He must have known it was his first day of school.

Twenty minutes later we went back to check on him and this is how we found him. He crawled back into the covers.


We dragged him out of bed and eventually made it to his first day of puppy class. He’s taking classes at the PetSmart in Mountain View. Here is daddy holding him in class.

After some basic obedience training, Preston got bored and decided to take a little nap while the teacher was speaking.


In his class, he met a very nice classmate named Bob, an American Mastiff, who was 6 months old and already 120lbs. Bob sitting was taller than Preston when he stood on his hind legs.


After he successfully completed his first day of puppy school, we took him to the dog park. There were a lot of dogs there today for him to play with.