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Take a bow

Preston would do anything for a treat. It took him only 5 mins to learn and a few days to master.

Valentine’s Day

Preston enjoyed the dessert treat, Berry Cobbler, on his first V day!

Where is “Puff Fish”?

We have to find a replacement “Puff Fish” or mommy has to do major surgery.


Toys, Toys and More Toys

Preston is spoiled by mommy and daddy with a lot of toys. Here are 9 of his favorite.

Not only does he play with his toys, but he knows them each.

While we were playing this video, Preston must have heard it because he started to get us his toys!

Leave It Part II

Part of obedience training is to “leave it” on the floor to prevent a bad habit of eating off the floor.
Do you think we spoil him too much by having so many choices of treats?