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Daddy and Mommy had to break the sad news to Preston this weekend. The white bump on his tongue turns out to be a “puppy wart” (Canine Oral Papillomavirus). He must have gotten it when visiting the dog park. It is highly contagious so he has to be on quarantine until the wart goes away. This means no dog park and no playing with neighbors for few weeks, or possibly months!!! Poor thing…
Puppy warts

09/26/2007 Update: Surgery day

Homemade Chicken Treats

When Presotn goes into his crate on command, he always “insists” on being rewarded with one of his favorites treats, dehydrated chicken strips. The warning on the package says “not for human consumption” got Mommy worried so Mommy made her own chicken treats that were good for both humans and Preston.
dry chicken strip
Dehydrated Chicken Strips
Boneless skinless chicken breast
1. Cut chicken breast into thin strips/pieces; the thinner, the better.
2. Cook chicken strips in a pan on medium heat until water starts coming out.
3. Remove chicken from pan and pat dry.
4. Place the cooked chicken strips on a foil covered cookie sheet.
5. Set the oven at 200F. Bake the chicken in the oven for 3-4 hour, flip every hour.
6. Dehydrated chicken can be stored at room temp.

Toys 3

It is toy fetching time again!
Preton got six new toys to fetch by their names. He almost had a blooper this time.
Preston toys 3

Toys 1 and Toys 2

Mean Face II

“arrrggg… no one is taking my donut bone frome me!”
Just kidding! Preston’s lip got caught on his underbite again!
puggle underbite

Sunny Morning Walk

Preston went for a morning walk with mommy in Bayfront Park, Menlo Park. There were so many ground squirrels that Preston didn’t know which one to chase after first.
Preston at frontbay park
“What are those little furry things running around?”
ground squirrels
preston frontbay park
Checking out a squirrel burrow

Watching TV

Preston, are you watching a scary movie?
puggle watching TV


“Look! Mommy…no paws!”
Preston and basketball

Puggle Book

Congrats to Chelle! Her puggle book is out! Preston’s puppy picture made it to the cover! He is a celebrity puggle now.
Puggle Book

Spin and Sit Straight

Preston learned new tricks

Swimming Puggle

Preston is getting ready for the warm weather by practicing how to swim. He made a lot of splashes at first but with the help of a life jacket (he looked SO cute in it!), he got more comfortable with being in the water.
Swimming Puggle