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Puggle Feeder

Preston is all grown up and ready for a raised feeder. Daddy ordered a “Puggle” feeder made by Yardbirds that is perfect for Preston.
puggle feeder

Nike spokespuggle

Preston might be Nike Golf’s next spokespuggle.

Pet Parade

Preston went to Redwood City Annual Pet Parade today. He was a shining star in the parade.
All dressed-up!
dressed up for parade

Lots of cute dogs in the parade. Preston won a lot of attention.

Preston was in “the coolest trick” contest. He did “sit”, “shake and change paw”, “speak”, “dance” and “take a bow”. Unfortunately he refused to lay down and roll over or play dead on the cement floor. His trick performance made it to Channel 26 News!
tricks contest

Preston won second place in the trick contest. First prize went to a yellow lab who could do roll over.
parade 2nd place prize