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Berkeley Marina

Preston visited Berkeley this weekend and spent a night at beautiful Berkeley Marina.
Kite Festival

Lucky Preston has his own bed in the hotel

Going for a morning walk at the pier.

Preston’s splurge of the week was…an ice cream cone…all to himself!


“Preston, you slobber!”

A Weekend in Napa

Preston spent a weekend in Napa. This was his second visit to the wine country. He got to tour the vineyards in his trailer.
First stop of the trip, Sausalito, North of San Francisco.

A vineyard off Silverado trail, St. Helena
silverado trail

Resting comfortably in the hotel

Grapes that Preston can’t eat.

Chilling out in front of The Rhine House, Beringer Winery.

Sit Straight!

Good balance!
sit straight1
Hey! That’s cheating…
sit straight2

Rawhide Bone

Preston has a natural instinct to hide his rawhide bone.

Not Interested?

One of Preston’s favorite games that he loves to play since he was as little as 10 weeks old is called “not insterested?” Daddy and Mommy are never tired of playing this game with him either. See how sneaky Preston is…

Happy Birthday!!!

Preston turns ONE today! He is no longer a puppy from now on.
Daddy and Mommy planned a birthday celebration for him on Sunday. Preston couldn’t invite any of his four pawed friends because he was still on quarentine (for the puppy wart) but he was happy to have the yummy Apple Cinnamon cake all to himself (he did let Daddy share a bite).
“Preston, careful not to burn your whiskers”
splurge day
Splurge day! yum! Yum!
bday presents
Lots of presents! Thanks to Uncle Allen, Uncle Dip and Auntie Libby.
Preston learned the names of all his presents very quickly.

Daddy and Mommy put together some of Preston’s never-seen-before puppy pictures. He was such a cute puppy!

Puppy Bed

“Okay…Okay…Preston, Daddy and Mommy promise we will never give away your puppy bed”

Brodie and Preston

Preston got a surprise email from his brother, Brodie, who lives in the Sacramento area with his family.
See the resemblance? How handsome they both are!
Here is a puppy portrait Chelle took before the boys each went to their new home. Brodie is on the right, Preston is in the center and the one on the left is Snoopy. Where are you, Snoopy??
Preston also has a sister named Chloe, who looked just like Preston when they were little.

An Exciting Day

Preston July 4th
Happy 4th of July!
wait in bike trailer
Preston went biking with Daddy and Mommy. Just as he was enjoying the ride, Daddy got a flat tire. Luckily, Uncle Allen came to the rescue.
Swimming Preston
Since the biking trip was cut short, Preston went swimming instead.