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Napping Buddies II

Mommy and Daddy are going on a long vacation. Like last year, Uncle Allen will be taking care of Preston while mommy and daddy are away. They already have their evenings together all planned out…
allen and Preston

See you in three weeks when mommy and daddy get back! Guess where they are going?

Toys 4

For everyone who misses Preston in the next three weeks, here is Preston’s latest toy fetching video.
He is fetching “little dragon”, “Ice cream cone”, “Gingy”, “Elk”, “Sheep”, “Bettie”,”Sing-sing”, “rope” and “Toss & Shake”.
Warning: the video is 5 minutes long. After all, picking 9 toys from a total of 40 that Preston has is not an easy task! good job, Preston!

Home Alone

Preston used to stay in the crate all day when Mommy and Daddy were at work.
When Mommy and Daddy missed Preston, they could log on the webcam and see what Preston was doing.
Most of the time he slept in his comfy crate.

Waiting for Mommy and Daddy to come home.

Now that Preston is a big boy, he has gotten Mommy and Daddy’s trust. There should not be any more naughty behaviors.
He still sleeps most of the time.

Occasionally he is doing something he is not supposed to be doing.

Mommy left a piece of his favorite salmon strip on the dining table. After Mommy was gone, Preston was trying to decide if he should steal it first and apologize later. He stared at the treat for a long long time. Mommy came home later that day and found the treat was still on the table, untouched. What a good boy Preston is!

Update 02/28/2008: After sharing Preston’s webcam shots, we received many inqueries about setting up a webcam. We use Creative Lab Wireless Internet Camera.The camera comes with an easy-to-follow installation instruction and allows you to create a personalized web address to access your camera.

Valentine’s Day 08′

Preston’s Valentine’s day tradition – a dessert splurge!
This year’s dessert was low-sugar blueberry tart.
blueberry tart

Valentine’s day 2007 – Berry Cobbler

When Daddy got bored

See what Preston has to put up with in exchange for some pomelo..
“Sorry about the humiliation, Preston. You looked hilariously cute so mommy and daddy had to share these pictures with everyone”.

The stinkier the better

Mommy and Daddy just discovered Preston’s all-time favorite treat-Plato’s Salmon strips.
Warning: They smell VERY fishy!
salmon strips


Inspired by his friend, Kylie, Preston was determined to overcome his fear of treadmills. Thanks to Kylie for sharing her training secrets, Preston can now run on the treadmill just like mommy and daddy. No more of those silly workouts he used to do!

Bomber Jacket

A new addition to Preston’s wardrobe- Bomber Jacket.
It goes really well with his jeans.