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Party at Poochy’s House

Preston’s friend, Poochy, invited him over to his house for a playdate. Mommy and Poochy’s mommy had a lot of fun watching the two puggles tire each other out.
Thanks, Poochy!

“Table Manners”

“Eat!” is the command that Preston rarely misses. However, he is very adamant about following his eating etiquette.

p.s. he was eating chicken liver.

Puggle Grooming

Since Preston is a big snuggler, Mommy pays special attention to his grooming. After all, no one likes to snuggle with a stinker!
Mommy keeps Preston clean and smelling fresh with
1) HOTdog shampoo by Fruits & Passion.
2) Waterless Foam Shampoo by Paul Mitchell.
3) Stinky Butts Spritz by Mellow Mutts.
4) Furminator deShedder
Preston helps drying a bit easier for Mommy.

Walk of Shame

Preston made Mommy very angry in the dog park.
First, he got into a fight with another boy, then he repeatedly begged for treats from other parents. When Mommy called his name, he pretended he didn’t know who Mommy was. He was scolded by Mommy on the way home.
See Preston’s funny walk after he was scolded by Mommy. Mommy was mad but had a hard time keeping a straight face.

No Begging

Preston does not beg for food…
He watches.
and he drools.