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Dental Hygiene

February is national pet dental health month. Preston is taking this opportunity to remind everyone the importance of pet dental care.
These pearly whites have won Preston many praises from the vet during his annual exam.
Mommy brushes Preston’s teeth every day. Of all the doggie toothpaste Mommy has tried, C.E.T. brand is her favorite.
Preston is so good at letting Mommy brush his teeth, especially when he is sleepy…

FYI: Read about a complete dental care program and home dental care guide by Dr. Holly Nash.

Valentine’s Day ’10

Valentine’s day is always a splurge day for Preston (Mommy and Daddy too). His treat this year is especially sweet.
Mike’s Pastry is Boston’s most famous pastry shop. This place is so well-known even Preston knows about it.
Apparently, Preston has had his eyes on the pastry box all night since the moment Mommy and Daddy came home with it. He does not need anyone to tell him what “Mike’s Pastry” is and where Mommy kept the pastries.

Past Valentine’s day splurges, 2007, 2008 and 2009.

bon appétit!

Mommy has gotten many questions about Preston’s food so she thought a post about his food would help answer many of those questions.
Preston used to eat home-cooked meals but when preparing his food got too time-consuming, Mommy found a great alternative – The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Dog food.
THK offers high quality dog food made with human-grade ingredients. It is easy to prepare but still gives Mommy the pleasure of making Preston’s meals.
Mommy adds cooked meats and pureed veggies to the hydrated THK (THK can be served as-is. Additional meats and veggies are optional).
Preston gets sardines every couple of weeks. He loves them because they are stinky!! He also gets fish oil supplements (1200mg) daily.
FYI: Good reads about dog food: The Best Food For Dogs and The Dog Food Project.

Little Helper II

Mommy and Daddy live in a fourth floor walk-up. Carrying groceries up can be quite tiresome. Thank goodness they got a little helper!

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