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“Houston, we have a puggle”

Texas Puggle
Preston is moving to Houston, TX in July!
Just like Preston, Mommy and Daddy have never lived in Texas before. This will be a new adventure for the whole family!
Dear Coco, sorry it is not Austin but Houston is not too far away, Preston will definitely visit you in Austin. He can’t wait!


As much as Preston enjoys living in Boston, he will have to say good-bye again in July. Guess which State his new adventures will be?
Cowboy Puggle

La belle ville de Québec

Immediately after Preston came home from his sitter, Catherine, Mommy started packing Preston’s travel bag again but this time he got to go on the trip with Mommy and Daddy!
Preston may never visit Europe so Québec City is probably the closest for him to get a taste of Europe.
It is a long drive from Boston (7 hours!). Preston stopped in NH and played in the spring snow.
Spring Snow in NH
Bonjour from Old Québec!
family picture at Chateau Frontenac
Preston stayed at the very charming and dog-friendly Hotel du Vieux Québec. The hotel even allows quiet dogs to stay in the room by themself but of course, that is NOT Preston…
hotel du vieux quebec
Old Quebec has the most beautiful architecture.
quebec city architecture
Mommy and Daddy dined at this charming french bistro, Le Lapin Saute, and yes…they ate bunny for dinner…
le lapin saute
The incredible wall mural in Place Royale. Can you spot a puggle?
Place Royale wall mural
Preston was bummed out that he wasn’t allowed into the store but in the end, the gelato was well worth the wait.
Outside Maple Delights
Before heading home, Preston visited Chute Montmorency.
chutes montmorency
Ready to tackle the stairs!
chute montmorency stairs

Time before Preston

Bringing home a four-legged kid and being able to provide them the attention and TLC they need is a HUGE commitment. Mommy and Daddy waited more than 10 years before they felt they were ready. They are glad that they did.
The waiting wasn’t easy. During the years when they were longing for a dog, Mommy and Daddy brought home these “substitutes” to keep them company. Now that they have Preston, it doesn’t mean they forget about their other dogs…
Scottie pen holder.
Scottie Pen holder
IKEA hat rack
IKEA doggie hat rack
Junkyard™ Sculptures by YardBirds®
junkyard dog
There is no substitute for this…
Silly Face
One of the biggest challenges Mommy and Daddy face as dog owners is going on a trip without Preston. When living in California, Preston used to spend time with Uncle Allen or Mina & Milo when Mommy and Daddy were out of town. It wasn’t until they moved to Boston did they realize how hard it is to find a perfect sitter.
Just as Mommy was very worried and frustrated, Mommy’s friend Leesteffy (an awesome dog walker!) came to the rescue and found Preston that perfect someone, Catherine, who takes Preston to work with her (in a nice big house with a friendly dog!) and even let Preston sleep on her bed with her (yes, under the covers!). How great is that!
Mommy and Daddy are going on a trip without Preston again this week. As soon as Mommy took out Preston’s travel bag, he started whimpering.
After Mommy finished packing and set the bag down, Preston immediately started unpacking…
Preston's travel ba