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Happy Tummy

Saturday was Daddy’s birthday. Daddy came home from a four-day trip in Chicago to spend his birthday with Mommy and Preston.
Daddy didn’t forget to bring home Mommy’s favorite popcorn- Chicago’s Garrett Popcorn!
“What do you mean it is not puggle food? I brought it home all the way from the garage!”

This is the reason Garrett is not for a puggle…

Mommy took Daddy to The Chocolate Bar to pick out Daddy’s birthday cake. ALL the yummy sweets in the store are made of chocolate…except the carob dipped milkbones! That’s how cool The Chocolate Bar is. They don’t let doggies feel left out.

After the dinner and the cake, Mommy, Daddy and Preston enjoyed some TV time together. Someone on TV was shouting “Ice cream! Ice cream!” Preston rushed over to his toy box and brought Mommy and Daddy this…
“Did someone say ice cream?”

No ice cream. Sorry, Preston. But on Sunday, Mommy made Preston’s Kong filling with a new recipe. Puree 1/2 cup cooked beef, 1/2 cup red bell pepper and 1 hard boiled egg.

see other Kong recipes.

Got Fleas or Ticks?

Preston got both!
As if Preston doesn’t have enough toys, Daddy bought Preston two more new ones, Flea and Tick. His toy count is at 75 now and yes, he still knows all of their names.

It is getting harder to find the toys Preston wants…

(Thank goodness Preston knows how to clean up after himself. see Clean up the toys video.

Moo MiniCards®

As Preston (Mommy and Daddy also) started making new friends in the new city, Mommy thought having his own Moo Cards would help his new friends remember him better.

Mommy loves Preston’s MiniCards! Daddy has been giving them out at work too (they are probably more popular than his own business cards!). These MiniCards were ordered from They are about 2.75″ x 1.25″ (7cm x2.8cm) and printed on thick paper with smooth satin finish. Mommy is very pleased with the printing quality. You can upload up to 100 different designs for each pack of 100 cards (only $19!!). Mommy tried four designs with website address printed on the reverse side.