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Halloween 2010

Preston has the funniest Halloween costumes this year…yes, costumeS. Mommy got not one but two costumes for him.
Guess what Preston is this year?

A mounted moose head!

and a rodeo bull!

Preston was at Howl-o-ween dog walk held by CAP (Citizens for Animal Protection) on Saturday. There were many dogs (and humans) dressed up for the costume contest.

These angels were Mommy’s favorite.

This family took home first prize!

Mommy thinks it was the baby won it for the family.

Halloween event was fun but could be quite tiring too. Preston is going nite-nite in his Halloween pajamas.

Halloween 2009, 2008 and 2007.

Barkitecture Houston 2010

Preston was at Barkitecture Houston on Saturday. It is a yearly event where architects and designers create dog houses to be auctioned off to benefit an animal rescue organization called Pup Squad. The participating dog houses are displayed for the silent auction and anyone can place bids on their favorite dog houses or buy-it-now for $500.
Preston did some house hunting at the event.

Preston liked this house so much Mommy and Daddy almost brought it home.

Apparently, Preston did not find this event mascot funny.

The highlight of the event for Preston!

Mommy found a wonderful dog treat at the event. It is Chef’s Buddiez jerky treats, made with all natural and human grade chicken, duck and sweet potatoes. The treats smell so good they make Mommy’s mouth water. They are created by a real human chef.

Preston also came home with a new stylish leather collar from Dosha Dog.

Thoughtful Presents

Preston recieved some very thoughtful presents from his puggle buddies.
Coco the Puggle sent Preston a welcome-to-Texas package. Included in the package are a Green Sea Turtle stuffie, a doggie placemat and a picture of the adorable Coco.
Green Sea Turtle is known to Preston by its scientific name Chelonia mydas (Isn’t Preston the smartest?) Knowing Chelonia is an endangered speices, Preston is taking good care of his new stuffie.

Coco must have been able to read Mommy’s mind and known she was looking for a new placemat for Preston’s puggle feeder.
It is perfect! Thank you, Coco!

Preston also recieved a surprise package from Poochy the puggle.
An edible greeting card (called Crunch card)! How cute!

A buffalo tripe treat! Poochy knows the best that puggles love stinky treats. Mommy had to put on gloves before touching this treat. That is how “aromatic” it is. You rock, Poochy!

Mommy always admires the cute harnesses Poochy wears (he has quite a collection). Poochy picked one out for Preston too!
“Hey, you think I look cool?”

What’s in the Bag?

Because of the hot weather here in Houston, Preston hasn’t been able to go grocery shopping with Mommy and Daddy like he used to in Boston. Preston’s friends know how much he likes to help out with carrying groceries home. Well…nothing is gonna stop Preston from being Mommy’s little grocery helper; afterall, there is a perk for being a good helper.
(Watch when Preston’s tail stops wagging…)