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Merry Christmas 2011!

Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Christmas!
Preston is flying to Seattle (again!) to spend Christmas with Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt Karin, Uncle John and 6-month old Cousin Madeline whom he is going to meet for the first time! How exciting!
Before leaving for his trip, Preston wants to leave a funny video as a Christmas present for everyone!
Daddy left an open bag of potato chips on the coffee table and took off for work. Preston really wanted the chips but as a well-behaved (cough! cough!) puggle, he knew he couldn’t get his paws on the chips (well…at least not when Mommy is still in the house). He must have stared at the bag of potato chips for a long long time before he finally decided to bring the bag to Mommy in the next room…

Anything you can do, I can do better



See how Preston wiggles his butt into the pumpkin…

Halloween 2011

Guess what Preston is gonna be this year?

For those of you thought he was a turkey, “Roarrr!!”

Like last year, Preston was at CAP’s howl-o-ween dog walk this weekend. Mommy and Daddy thought this was the coolest costume of the day.

Of course Nolan is dressing up for his first Halloween too!

Halloween 2007, 2008, 2009, 2009 (2) and 2010.

Life With a Baby- Music

Mommy and Daddy always know Preston has ears for classical music. He can distinguish Beethoven’s Symphony No. 6 in F major from Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G major. The former is the ringtone on Mommy’s phone when Daddy calls. Mommy and Daddy sure hope Preston can show Baby Nolan how to appreciate classical music because right now Nolan’s favorite sound is the noise from a portable vacuum cleaner!
See how helpful Preston is!

Thank Uncle Paul and Auntie Carrie for the wonderful Mozart music box!

Cultured Puggle

Preston has gone hiking, biking, skiing, swimming, kayaking and canoeing with Mommy and Daddy and enjoys them all. Mommy and Daddy always hoped beside sports, Preston could also be involved in some more cultured activities with them.
It seems like they’ve moved to the right city! Houston’s Miller Outdoor Theater is an excellent performing arts theater that provides diverse performances from March through October. They are free and DOG FRIENDLY!
Throughout the summer, Mommy and Daddy have enjoyed several great performances with Preston. They like to pack their dinner (and Preston’s of course!) and have a picnic on the hillside before the show starts. Preston has always been a very well behaved audience and patiently sat through the 3-hour performance.

Nolan joined the family activity for the first time. He was very well-behaved too!

Life with a Baby: Meet Nolan

Oh boy!
It’s been ages since Preston’s last blog update. Taking care of a human baby is NOT easy! Baby Nolan is keeping Mommy and Daddy extremely busy.
A month ago, Mommy and Daddy brought Baby Nolan home to meet Preston. They had been waiting for this day for months. When the big day finally arrived, Mommy came home and greeted Preston first when Daddy was waiting outside the house with the baby. Then Mommy asked Preston to stay in the living room while Mommy introduced the baby to him.
Here is a video clip of Preston meeting Nolan for the first time and learning who Nolan is.

Even though it was not love at the first sight for Preston and Baby Nolan, Preston quickly accepted Baby Nolan as a new family addition.
The first couple of days after Nolan came home, Preston must have sensed Mommy and Daddy’s anxiety whenever the baby was crying. He got very stressed and started barking and howling. Mommy and Daddy gave Preston lots of praise, kisses and of course, treats to help him develop a positive association with the baby. As Mommy and Daddy became more comfortable with handling the baby and Preston was reassured that the baby noises were normal, Preston started showing affection towards his baby brother.

Uber special birthday

Preston turned FIVE on July 9th.
Because Baby Nolan’s due date was so close to Preston’s birthday, Mommy and Daddy couldn’t organize a big celebration for Preston as planned. Mommy and Daddy felt really bad about it.
How fortunate Preston is to have so many friends who made this year’s birthday extra specially special for him.

Baby Nolan also received the most thoughtful presents from Preston’s friends. Thank you SO much!
Birthday boy!

To make this birthday even more special, Grandma was here to celebrate with Preston and she got Preston a birthday cake from Jackson’s Gourmet Dog Bakery.

Finally…the BIG birthday present from Mommy and Daddy….

Baby is here!

Preston’s baby brother was born on July 10th, right on the due date!
His name is Nolan.
Both Mommy and Nolan are doing great. Thanks for all the well wishes!
Mommy and Daddy have been very busy with taking care of Nolan and helping Preston adjust to life with a baby. They know many of Preston’s friends were waiting to find out how he reacted to baby Nolan. They certainly will share more photos and videos of Preston and baby Nolan as soon as they have time. For now, this picture says how Preston feels about having a baby brother….

Life with a Baby: Before the Arrival

As his baby brother’s due date is approaching, Preston is making a few adjustments to prepare for the life with a baby.
He is learning how to walk properly next to the stroller. He is doing very well!

He will need to share the back car seat space with his baby brother.

He needs to get used to being ignored…

Mommy and Daddy are keeping the baby’s and Preston’s toys separated.
Preston is a little upset when being told he couldn’t have the giant doll.

…just “a little” upset…

Good Morning, Mommy!

Preston used to be the last one to get out of the bed every morning. He stayed under the covers until Mommy had his breakfast ready. Since having the baby brother in her belly, Mommy started to sleep in every day…and sleep way past Preston’s breakfast time. This got Preston worried about his breakfast being forgotten.
For the past few months, Preston has been getting up before Mommy does. Being very sweet and considerate, he doesn’t wake Mommy up. He lets Mommy sleep as long as she needs. He just stares at Mommy’s face until she opens her eyes. As soon as Mommy opens her eyes, Preston showers Mommy with good-morning kisses. He does this EVERY morning and often has to wait for more than half an hour before Mommy finally wakes up.

It wasn’t Preston’s intention to wake Mommy up but sometimes, he got so close to Mommy’s face that his whiskers made Mommy sneeze!

Mommy has a great start of the day every morning! Lucky her!