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Life with a Baby: Before the Arrival

As his baby brother’s due date is approaching, Preston is making a few adjustments to prepare for the life with a baby.
He is learning how to walk properly next to the stroller. He is doing very well!

He will need to share the back car seat space with his baby brother.

He needs to get used to being ignored…

Mommy and Daddy are keeping the baby’s and Preston’s toys separated.
Preston is a little upset when being told he couldn’t have the giant doll.

…just “a little” upset…

Good Morning, Mommy!

Preston used to be the last one to get out of the bed every morning. He stayed under the covers until Mommy had his breakfast ready. Since having the baby brother in her belly, Mommy started to sleep in every day…and sleep way past Preston’s breakfast time. This got Preston worried about his breakfast being forgotten.
For the past few months, Preston has been getting up before Mommy does. Being very sweet and considerate, he doesn’t wake Mommy up. He lets Mommy sleep as long as she needs. He just stares at Mommy’s face until she opens her eyes. As soon as Mommy opens her eyes, Preston showers Mommy with good-morning kisses. He does this EVERY morning and often has to wait for more than half an hour before Mommy finally wakes up.

It wasn’t Preston’s intention to wake Mommy up but sometimes, he got so close to Mommy’s face that his whiskers made Mommy sneeze!

Mommy has a great start of the day every morning! Lucky her!