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A Useful “Trick”

Mommy and Daddy have pretty much given up on training Preston to be a good walker. He knows the commands “next to mommy” and “slow” very well but enjoys his walk so much better when he can stop and sniff around. When Mommy takes Preston and Baby Nolan out for a walk, a retractable leash makes it easier for Mommy to keep her hands on the stroller and still allow enough freedom for Preston to do some sniffing that he loves. The biggest problem with letting Preston have the extra long leash is that he often wraps himself around a tree or pole, Mommy has to undo it by going around the tree or pole. It is not always easy to do that with a stroller.
It is time for Preston to learn to unwind himself with the command “go around!”. (A retractable leash should only be used on well-behaved dogs. Mommy thinks Preston has passed the test!)

Happy 2012!

OHHH…This post is long overdue! Hope everyone is having a great start of the new year.
Preston and Nolan received SO many lovely presents from their blog friends. Thank you all so much!

Preston flew (again!) with Mommy, Daddy and Nolan to Seattle over the holidays. See all the fun things he did on his vacation!