New Home!

The moving company finally delivered Preston’s toys!
Before all the toys arrived, Mommy and Daddy got him a new stuffie and they named it “Tyson” (yes, after the famous skateboarding bulldog). He likes Tyson but still misses the rest of his toys.

Preston was really excited about seeing his toys. He couldn’t wait to unpack them.

Here is a video of Preston checking out his new apartment, which is twice as big as his Boston home, for the first time.

17 Responses to New Home!

  1. kourtney says:

    your new house is so big preston! congratulations! mommy loves the sound your nails make on the floors lol! good luck in your new home.

    oliver and jack

  2. Tyson is as big as you are, Preston!
    Your new home is so spacious! Have fun unpacking!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Forgive me but I’m running behind and did not realize you made the big move. What a huge change! I hope you’re settling in well…

  4. Hi Preston!

    I love your new place. You have lots of room and lots of windows for natural light. My Mama’s new house has wood floors too, and my feet makes those same clacking sounds. I have to warn you, you will slip and slide when catching a toy while going full speed!

    Tyson is super cute! He’s huge! I hope all your toys arrived safe and sound; as well as all your Mommy and Daddy’s things! Again, WELCOME to TEXAS!!!!!


  5. Bruschi says:

    WOW Preston look at all that space you have to run around! you were making me tired just watching you explore! My nails make that sound on the wood floors too! The humans will always hear you coming!

    Tyson is one cute stuffie! It was nice that he kept you company until all of your other toys arrived! Good job unpacking! I am sure it was a huge help!

    I look forward to your many new adventures in Houston!!

    Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  6. Lynn says:

    Everything’s bigger in Texas! Yee haw! 🙂
    Welcome! Welcome!!

  7. That is one big condo!

    I love the photo of Preston lying on the floor, Elvis does that look and the photo of Preston sleeping on his bed and using Tyson as his pillow is cute.

  8. Poochy the Puggle says:

    Hi Preston,

    Your new home is spacious and has so many windows. It would be fun looking out from one of those windows and seeing squirrels. Are there squirrels in Houston? Did you get a new brother? I like to snuggle with my stuffies too & rest my chin on them.

    PS: don’t forget to send me your new address! 🙂


  9. Congratulations on your new home Preston! I’m sure you will love it there 🙂 I loved your new stuffie…he was super cute! and huge too-those are my favorite!

  10. Puggle Ariel says:

    Wow! What a lot of room to play and run around! I love it and Big Congrads to human Mommy and human Daddy too! Love the new pictures too. Have a Great time getting to know your new home. And tell human Mommy to get one of them signs that say: ‘Clean Up After Your Pup’! Catch you later Preston have to go train for mine and human Granny’s ‘Walk for Senior Pets’ it is coming real soon. September 2010.
    Licks and Wags, Ariel ♥

  11. Miss Kylie says:

    Preston, I think your Mommy needs to invest in a very large area rug or buy you a set of 4 slippers!! hehehehe

    Glad you are settling in!! Please let us know your address when you get a chance!


  12. C.l.o.v.e.r. says:

    Hi Preston!
    Your new home looks beautiful! You are so cute in the video running around and checking things out. I hope you are loving your new city! 🙂
    And I really want to watch your appearance on Animal Planet, we don’t have cable so we missed it! Can you let us know if it ever becomes available online? Thanks buddy!

  13. Hi Preston! I gave you an award, come check out my blog to collect your prize.

  14. Elli Davis says:

    Is he completely used to the new place yet? Because as far as I know, it is animals (and kids) who have the biggest troubles with being really comfortable in a new home – and well, it is difficult to explain it to them.

  15. Piggy the Puggle says:

    Wow Preston! Your new home are so BIG!! wish I could have these much space too!! and I could not walk on wood floor like you did!

  16. Oh my God, Preston – that picture of you with Tyson lying on the floor is just absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!! 😀

    Your new place looks great! Although that huge expanse of slippery wood floor would have scared me to death – I thought you were awfully brave to just run across it like that!

    Honey the Great Dane

  17. Mr. Puggle says:

    wow! awesome new house. nice new floors to slide all around. that is one big stuffie dude. so i saw two bedrooms. that is nice you have your own bedroom. =)