Daddy and Mommy had to break the sad news to Preston this weekend. The white bump on his tongue turns out to be a “puppy wart” (Canine Oral Papillomavirus). He must have gotten it when visiting the dog park. It is highly contagious so he has to be on quarantine until the wart goes away. This means no dog park and no playing with neighbors for few weeks, or possibly months!!! Poor thing…
Puppy warts

09/26/2007 Update: Surgery day

3 Responses to Quarantine

  1. Maggie says:

    Hey Preston,
    I can’t comment on your bloggy! I’m so sorry you have this wart and have to be
    quarantined! Can you chew it off and make it go away early so you can play with
    other doggies sooner? I hope so!

    Love ya lots,

  2. […] It has been three months since Preston’s puppy warts started. The first wart on his tongue has grown out of control and started spreading to other part of his oral cavity. Preston hasn’t been able to go near other dogs for THREE long months. Daddy and Mommy couldn’t wait any longer for the warts to disappear on their own and decided to have them removed. Hopefully the procedures (electrocautery + cryotherapy) will stimuate his immune system and he will recovery quickly and be wart-free again! […]

  3. Jill Clarey says:

    Oh poor Preston. Parker had this very same wart – very popular with the younger dogs (esp if they are involved in various playgroups/have a dog walker with numerous dogs). It was quite the unpleasant surprise, but luckily it’s not suppose to cause any pain, just looks gnarly. Lucky he didn’t get it on his face as some dogs do (Parker neither). Let’s hope this never comes back!!!

    Love the Preston blog… I’m a tad addicted.