Good Morning, Mommy!

Preston used to be the last one to get out of the bed every morning. He stayed under the covers until Mommy had his breakfast ready. Since having the baby brother in her belly, Mommy started to sleep in every day…and sleep way past Preston’s breakfast time. This got Preston worried about his breakfast being forgotten.
For the past few months, Preston has been getting up before Mommy does. Being very sweet and considerate, he doesn’t wake Mommy up. He lets Mommy sleep as long as she needs. He just stares at Mommy’s face until she opens her eyes. As soon as Mommy opens her eyes, Preston showers Mommy with good-morning kisses. He does this EVERY morning and often has to wait for more than half an hour before Mommy finally wakes up.

It wasn’t Preston’s intention to wake Mommy up but sometimes, he got so close to Mommy’s face that his whiskers made Mommy sneeze!

Mommy has a great start of the day every morning! Lucky her!

12 Responses to Good Morning, Mommy!

  1. You are so thoughtful and considerate, Preston – the perfect gentleman! We can see how much you adore your mommy.

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Bruschi says:

    OH this is just too sweet! Preston, you and your mommy’s bond is so precious!

  3. Poochy the Puggle says:

    Preston, you are such a great son, taking care of Mommy and your baby brother. Waiting for more than half hour is a lot of work.


  4. kourtney says:

    Oh preston you always make our mommy smile. you are so sweet! that is so nice of you not to wake your mommy up. i’m sure it must be tough sometimes with your tummy rumbling but youre such a good boy!

    oliver and jack

  5. Your Mommy has the best snooze button ever! Preston, you are one patient pup! I guess you will not have to wait as long once your little brother arrives, as he will be up every few hours for his food! Then you’ll wish you had the chance to sleep in! Enjoy your precious moments with your Mommy until then! We cannot wait to hear about your interactions with him as soon as he arrives!


  6. Lola says:

    that is so very nice of you preston!! your mommy is so lucky that you let her get her sleep she is going to need it when your little brother comes!!


  7. Preston, Mommy thinks you are so sweet! She says there must be no better way than waking up to Puggle kisses 🙂
    Maddy and Owen

  8. Stinson the puggle says:

    Preston! This is so sweet – Stinson is the last one to get up too, unless he hears someone mention breakfast or open his food cabinet!

  9. Mack & Murph says:

    Preston- you are such a sweet boy! You must be so patient. You are so thoughtful.

    Mack & Murph

  10. C.l.o.v.e.r. says:

    Oh Preston, what a nice wake-up every morning! You are one sweet boy. And CONGRATS to you and your family on your new brother on the way. That is so exciting! I love the pictures of you testing out all the baby things; I can tell you will be a great big brother.

  11. wow~~ this is so sweet Preston~

  12. Sandi, Blue and Copper says:

    Congratulations!! I had no idea about the new baby boy. That’s wonderful news!