Life with a Baby: Before the Arrival

As his baby brother’s due date is approaching, Preston is making a few adjustments to prepare for the life with a baby.
He is learning how to walk properly next to the stroller. He is doing very well!

He will need to share the back car seat space with his baby brother.

He needs to get used to being ignored…

Mommy and Daddy are keeping the baby’s and Preston’s toys separated.
Preston is a little upset when being told he couldn’t have the giant doll.

…just “a little” upset…

19 Responses to Life with a Baby: Before the Arrival

  1. C.l.o.v.e.r. says:

    Preston, you are TOO CUTE! I can see that you will adjust well to having a new brother, even though it will be a bit different for you. I love that stroller, and your mommy looks great!

  2. Katie says:

    Hi! I thoroughly enjoy your blog! We bought our puggle, Buster, a year ago and have loved every minute. We are excited to say that we will be moving to Houston in a month! I can’t wait to visit some of the dog parks you have shown on your blog. I have a few questions. What type of stroller is that in your pictures? Also, what are some safe downtown areas to live? Thanks for your help!!

  3. You’re going to be the perfect big brother, Preston! We just know it!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. Preston! My Mama said that she will gladly adopt you if you want to sue for being ignored….then I’ll have the BF I’ve always wanted…in that I mean my (boy) best friend!

    We know you’ll be an awesome big brother, so you’ll have nothing to worry about. We are all looking forward to your future blogs where you’ll be showing him the ropes of being smart while having fun!


  5. kourtney says:

    oh preston! you’re gonna have a baby brother to play with. youre not gonna need a big doll! you’ll have a whole new person to kiss and sniff and think of all the crumbs your baby brother is going to drop on the floor for you!

    oliver and jack

  6. Mack & Murph says:

    Oh Preston! A baby brother means lots of food on the floor! You are so lucky! You already look like a pro.

    Mack & Murph

  7. Debbs says:

    Awwww – SOOOOO cute! xxxx

  8. OOOOH We are SOO-OO excited for you all as we await the happy news,Preston!
    Mummy bought a travel cot for when (grandaughter) Rosie comes to stay in August,but she wont let me in the guest room on account of all the (grandchildren/nieces) cuddly toys in there!
    You can tell that I’m not as well behaved as you,can’t you! xx licks and snuffles to you all xxxx Harvey in England

  9. Bruschi says:

    Preston, you sure are doing a great job! You are making that stroller walking look so easy!
    I would be pouting too if I couldn’t play with that giant doll! I thought brothers were supposed to share!! BOL!
    Can’t wait until he arrives….the pictures of the two of you are going to be priceless!
    Give your mommy extra snuggles!

    Hugs and Licks, Bruschi & Ebby

    Oh and PEE-S: I already told Mommy and Daddy that if for some reason you and your new brother don’t get along, you can come live with me! Daddy gave me a look and said THREE puggles?! I said….no daddy….TWO….Ebby is a Bugg!

  10. Milka says:

    Don’t be sad, Preston! Mum and Dad will love you the same… plus, you’ll have a human pup to play with! It’ll be lots of fun! You’ll be a happy family!

  11. Milka says:

    Oh, btw, congrats on your blog! Awsome posts! Amazing pics! Hope I can have such a great blog one day!

    Big slobbers!

  12. Great job walking next to that stroller Preston! You are really on your way to becoming a great big brother 🙂 Mommy wants to know where you got the cover for your backseat in the car? Or what it’s called so she can look for one for us too! Thanks!
    Maddy and Owen

  13. Poochy the Puggle says:

    Preston, you’d have to share with me later how you can be a great brother. Please say hello to your Mommy from my Mommy. Aunty Suz, you look great. Preston, wish you live closer so we can have slumber party while your little brother is on the way 🙂

    Good luck to your Mommy. Please keep us posted.


  14. andrea says:

    oh my god!!! you are soo cute preston!!! I was laughing soooo much when i saw these pictures!! haha, sooo cute!!!!! And for ”mummy”, congratulations!!! <3<3

  15. Iwona i Arek Bibillo says:

    Happy B-day to Preston!

  16. Poochy the Puggle says:

    Happy Birthday, Preston!!!! Hope you get spoiled today. Is your little brother here yet? <3

  17. Happy 5th Birthday Preston!! wishing you a day full of yummy treats and squeaky stuffies!

    Love your FL pals, Bruschi & Ebby

  18. Bruschi says:

    AWWW! Just saw the picture on your twitter of Preston at Nolan’s feet! SO adorable!
    Hope you are doing well and adjusting to the new bundle of joy! Sending lots of love your way!

  19. If you hadn’t already had the baby, I wouldn’t believe you were pregnant according to those pictures Mom 😀