Los Angeles Trip I

After the thanksgiving feast, Preston took a road trip to LA with Mommy, Daddy and Uncle Allen. It was a 6-hour drive and Preston slept through it.
Preston was a VIP (Very Important Poochie) in the hotel. They even had a dog bed for Preston.

Preston’s “Heavenly Dog Bed” provided by the hotel.
westin heavenly dog bed

Visiting Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hill.
via rodeo

Chinese Theater, Hollywood
chinese theater

Maybe one day… Walk of Fame, Hollywood
walk of fame

3 Responses to Los Angeles Trip I

  1. Rusty the puggle says:

    You sure get to go to some neat places.
    My mommy and daddy never go anywhere fun!
    (except to grandmas house)
    xxxooo Rusty

  2. powder-puff says:

    HEY preston!!!

    that looks like such a comfy bed!!!!

    Preston you were born to be a star!!

    peace out

  3. Toby says:

    Wow…you are always going places with mommy and daddy..that is soo cool…That bed looks so comfy! and I love the STAR on the hollywood walk of fame! you deserve it for being the smartest puggle!

    check out my cherry eye that I have..Im having surgery next week to correct it.