New bed II

Preston really likes the new bed Mommy picked out for him. How could he not? It reads “if my dreams would come true, bones will rain from the sky”.
puggle preston's new bed

Mommy baked Okinawan Sweet Potatoes that she found in the market. They are very nutritious and have the prettiest deep purple color. Preston just couldn’t have enough of this yummy treat.
okinawan sweet potato

3 Responses to New bed II

  1. Clover says:

    Hi Preston,
    Love your new bed! Those look like some cool purple treats!! Your mom and dad are so good to you! 🙂
    Love Clover xo

  2. powder-puff says:

    Hey Preston!!

    I am lovin the new bed!!

    And those are some of the most Purpley treats i have ever seen!!

    peace out

  3. Nevis says:

    I love the bed, but the potatoes are odd looking.