Bomber Jacket

A new addition to Preston’s wardrobe- Bomber Jacket.
It goes really well with his jeans.

10 Responses to Bomber Jacket

  1. Prateeti says:

    I love your new jacket, Preston!!! ;-P

  2. Amber-Mae says:

    Hey, what a kewl jacket! It really does suit you Preston…

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  3. OMG, you’re all dressed up, Preston! You look so cool! Going anywhere special?

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. Kylie says:

    That looks like a pretty warm new jacket. Mom makes me just wear a squal jacket. Are you coming to COLD Boston soon!? Make sure you don’t forget to pack that!!

    Go Pat’s!

  5. Preston looks absolutely adorable! Does he like wearing clothes or does he just tolerates it? My CoCo Puff hates clothes with a passion. If we want her to calm down or stay still, we’ll put a shirt on her and she’ll stay as still as a log.

    CoCo’s Mama

  6. Karl says:

    Preston Brah,
    VERY cool bomber jacket. You look kinda like Tom Cruise in
    “Top Gun.”
    (But with four legs.)

  7. The Zoo Crew says:

    All dressed up!!! Going someplace fun, I hope?

    (BTW…nice to meet you 🙂

  8. Sparky says:

    Lookin’ good Preston!

  9. Royal says:

    Oh Preston, you are the most handsome Puggle there ever was!!

    *Royal* (& mom)

  10. Rashickah says:

    Where did you get this jacket? Ive been searching for one online and cant find one!