Birthday: July 09, 2006

Daddy & Mommy: Jeff & Suzz

Home: Bay Area, CA (07/2006-04/2009),
Cambridge, MA (04/2009-07/2010)
Houston, TX (07/2010-08/2012)
Corvallis, OR (08/2012-present)

Weight: 31 lb.(currently on diet to shed that extra 2 lb, 11/2012)

Height: 15 in

Puggle traits: floppy ears, wrinkly face, black muzzle, curly tail and under-bite.

Food & Feeding: The Honest Kitchen “Embark”, “Thrive”, “Verve”, “Keen” and “Force” (2/3 cup) + home-cooked meat/sardines/veggies/cottage cheese for dinner. 1/3 cup of The Honest Kitchen + 1/3 cup fat-free plain yogurt for breakfast . 11/20/2012 updates: Another dehydrated raw food is now added to Preston’s food rotation, Addiction.
A good read about dog food.
The only supplement Preston is taking is fish oil (1200mg/day).

Favorite treats: Too many to list but Preston knows the names of all his treats, PUP-PERONI! rawhides, bullystick, Kong, chicken chips, salmon, beef, duck,watermelon, apple, peach, strawberry, blueberry, yogurt, , ice cream, cookies, fill-a-ball and of course, “Forsty paw”! He also knows exactly where Mommy hides the treats.

Favorite pastimes: Going to the dog park, going for a walk, chasing after laser pointer (he is OBSESSED with it), looking out the windows, chewing up his toys. (He is all grown-up and doesn’t destroy his toys anymore).
His favorite dog park: Fresh Pond, Cambridge. Danny Jackson Bark Park, Houston.

Wanna know more about Preston?

Daddy and Mommy found Preston through Chelle at

Preston was on the cover of a puggle book.

Preston was on Dogs101- Puggle episode.

Preston was neutered at 4 months old.

Preston takes bath every two weeks after his dog park visit.  His shampoo is “Hotdog” (mommy loves it!), “Purejoy” (thumbs up!) and Kiehl’s (not so impressed).

Mommy brushes his teeth every day with doggie tooth paste. He likes the taste of the tooth paste (vanilla-mint flavor!) so much that he can put up with the brushing part. His teeth are pearly white!

Mommy & Daddy keep Preston busy during their dinner time with 1. Kong 2. Stuff-a-ball 3. Bettie 4. Tug-a-jar 5. Waggle

Preston prefers sleeping on mommy and daddy’s bed over his own. Yes, he is allowed to go under the covers and he insists..

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