Shut the Door

It is so tough for mommy to leave for work every morning, this is why…

Preston no longer stays in the crate when mommy and daddy are at work, but he still goes into his crate every morning. Mommy leaves the door unlocked and Preston would step out of his crate as soon as mommy leaves.

11 Responses to Shut the Door

  1. OOhhh, awwww…Preston you are too cute! My Mama justs ooo’s and ahhhs all over you because you are so impressive. Now Preston, surely you do not like that kennel door closed behind you. (Preston’s Mommy…have you considered breeding Preston to have super smart puppies? You know I am impressed to ask that questions because I’m usually against breeding.)


  2. You are so smart, Preston!
    Mitch races for his crate too but there is a cookie reward waiting for him! BTW, he’s gated in his bedroom, not running loose throughout the house just yet!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Trish says:

    I’m very impressed with all your tricks! I hope my new puggle will one day be able to follow in your footsteps! Right now, his crate is currently like his own version hell, the sounds that come out of him when I leave for work is like I’m abusing him.

  4. mary says:

    Wow,Preston,you truly are amazing!Iwonder if you’re thinking”Great, as soon as Mummy leaves for work,I can have the place to myself for the day!” Haa Haa …very smart move.I guess you have earned that priviledge,though, by being SO-O well behaved when you’re in charge and home alone!
    big paw shakes xx Mary

  5. Nevis says:

    That’s awesome! I’m so impressed! My pugs are never particularlly happy to go into their crate and I don’t think they are smart enough to figure out how to close the door like that. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE my pugs to a distraction…but to be fair…they’re not the brightest bulbs in the world. *laugh*

  6. Jacqui says:

    Hi Preston (and Prestons mum and dad). Love your website and comparing my own puppy to you. Our pup is called Dougal and he’s a real softie. Very athletic though and good at tricks. Now I just have to keep thinking of new ones 🙂

  7. Amber-Mae says:

    Ha Great! I can never & will never do that in a million years… You looked really happy shutting yourself in the crate. Too cute!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  8. Sparky says:

    My crate was just modified by my pop, because I was scratching at it and causing boo-boo’s between my fingers. I haven’t blogged about it yet, because I think it sucks. I like how you close the door yourself! That’s very clever.

  9. Frank & Beans says:

    Hey Preston,

    Now you REALLY made us look bad. Mommy doesn’t expect us to know the names of our toys like you do but when she saw this video..well………….I guess we’ll have to practice getting in and out of our “box” now…………….And we were going to watch Animal Planet tonight !!!! So much for that.

    You are WAY Smart and we’re proud to call you a Puggle Relative !!!

    Hugs x 2,

    Frank & Beans

  10. Clover says:

    Hi buddy!
    Great work on closing your crate door. I’m pretty proud to have such a smart best bud!
    Love Clover xo

  11. Taylor says:

    OMG! my dog looks exactly like this one! It is truly creepy. Please e-mail me and i will be happy to share with you the picture of “Mojo”, we always thought his super wrinkly forehead and swirled chest were different. He differs from all other Puggles except this one!
    Please e-mail me!
    – Taylor Henderson 🙂