Treat ‘r Trick

It is getting hard to get Preston to do the combined tricks. He is not as eger to do tricks as he used to be. Preston finally put up with it for his beloved treat- watermelon!

His puppy combined tricks.

8 Responses to Treat ‘r Trick

  1. powder-puff says:

    heya preston!!!

    AAAAARRRROOO preston you are the trick master!!

    peace out

  2. Maggie says:

    You’re so awesome at tricks, Preston! I wish I was half as good as you are! Wow! You even can be taught to clean up! You get allowance, right?

    Love ya lots,

  3. Kylie says:

    Hi Preston, you don’t know me but in lue of sniffing my rear… I thought I would just say that I found your website and told my mom I really wanted one too! I think this is so cool!! I hope to make a lot of new friends! Talk to you later!

  4. Toby says:

    Preston..those tricks were love to know how you do the nike ball trick..that just amazes me!

    Love Toby

  5. Ruby says:

    Wow, what pawsome tricks Preston…I’m so jellyfish of you. You can do ‘bang bang’…my Mom hasn’t teached me that yet!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  6. Sparky says:

    Woah!!!! I still think the Nike trick is the best – – it just shows what a smart puggle you are!

  7. Oliver says:

    Preston! You are so smart. My mom wants to send me to your mom and dad for training. You should be in the movies!

  8. Selene says:

    OK…I have a two year old Puggle named Moe…Preston puts him to shame…he is such a smart Puggle…I’m so impressed!!! My Moe is VERY limited on the tricks he will do…good job!!! And he is such a cutie!!!