Kong Toy

This is probably one of the most ingeniously designed toys to keep them busy. Auntie Gina bought one for him. You stick a treat in the center of the toy and they’ll spend countless time chewing it trying to get it out. At first Preston was very curious and spent a long time trying to get the treat out of it. That gave mommy and daddy some free time without Preston constantly looking for attention during the evening. Occassionally he would get the Kong stuck under the sofa or dressor and would require mommy or daddy to help him get it out. After a while Preston got smart. After he gets frustrated, he would bring the Kong to mommy and give her a sad face saying “Can you help me get it out? PLEASE !!”
Puggle Preston and Kong

2 Responses to Kong Toy

  1. Ariel says:

    O Preston I have had a Kong treat toy since I was a baby. I love mine! Granny got me a small one and then they had to get me a medium one. It keeps me busy for a very long time. Especially when Granny and Papa are having a meal. I sometime give it to Granny to push my treat out the bottom cuz it get stuck inside. I love the Kong!
    Licks, Ariel ♥

  2. Carter says:

    Hi Preston! My mommy puts peanut butter into my Kong! It tastes great and keeps me busy for a long time! I love when I get to have a Kong break! 🙂