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Secrets Revealed

Guess what Preston was doing?

He was hiding his rawhide!
Preston has several other hiding places at home. Since he will be movng to a new home in a couple of weeks, mommy and daddy think it is okay to reveal his secret hiding places to the world.


Best Friends

It’s been awhile since Preston visited Mina and Milo the Westies. Milo is Preston’s best poochie friend on the planet!
“Preston, do you wanna go to Milo’s house?”

Best friends forever.

“Did you get stuck, Preston? Want me to help you out?”

Mina wanted to join the boys too

A perfect match!

Head on the Table

Mommy and Daddy don’t remember since when Preston likes to rest his head on the table. He can do it on command too.

Where are the treats?

Preston knows exactly where mommy keeps the treats.
See how he led Mommy to where his cookies, “pup-peroni”, chicken chips and yogurt were kept.

Help Please!

Each day after Preston finishes his dinner, he brings his “stuff-a-ball”to Mommy to fill it up with yummy treats. The ball keeps him busy so that he won’t bother Mommy and Daddy at their dinner table. Occasionally, Mommy makes it a little more challenging to get the treats out of the ball by stuffing it with some chewy food (crunchy treats are the easiest!). At times like that, Preston needs help…


Thanks to everyone who sent their well-wishes to Preston. The recovery has been slow because Preston runs and jumps as usual. The injured paw didn’t slow him down a bit. Daddy and Mommy are doing our best to take care of his paw and we wish he could be a bit more cooperative.
Here is a belated post from last weekend.

Occasionally, Daddy and Mommy would give Preston the chance to prove himself that he was a big boy and there was no need to crate him anymore. Preston has failed the test BIG TIME! When he gets upset for being left alone, Daddy and Mommy’s papers are at risk.

Preston is recovering from an injured paw but there is no excuse for bad behaviors!!


Preston usually gets exercise from his daily walk. When Daddy and Mommy can’t take him out for a walk, Preston goes to the fitness room. He sure has a great workout every time!

Wanna go for a walk?

See how Preston answers the question “Wanna go for a walk?”

If Daddy or Mommy isn’t in the mood for a walk, this is what Preston does… It is not hard to guess why Preston always gets what he wants.

Not Interested?

One of Preston’s favorite games that he loves to play since he was as little as 10 weeks old is called “not insterested?” Daddy and Mommy are never tired of playing this game with him either. See how sneaky Preston is…