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Halloween Pet Parade

Preston went to Boston’s annual Halloween Pet Parade today. There were many doggies in the coolest costumes. Preston did not want to be under-dressed so he put on his hotdog suit for the parade.
Halloween Pet Parade
What a happy event in Faneuil Hall today!
Mommy was wondering why Preston was especially friendly with this doggie and gave her lots of kisses. It turned out…
Mommy’s favorite is this chocolate lab dressed up as a horsie.

Bewitching Salem, MA

Halloween week is the best time to visit historical Salem, MA, famous for the witch trials of 1692 and the most exciting Halloween festival each year.
Preston does not plan to wear a costume this year but did dress up a little for the event.
Scary decorations did not seem to scare Preston a bit.
The spooky Old Burying Point is the second oldest cemetary in the U.S.
Happy Halloween, everyone!

Eating Etiquette

Preston is accustomed to eating his treats in small bites. He refuses to eat them if they are too big in size. In this video, Mommy was trying to give him a big piece of his favorite fruit-watermelon…

Preston is not supposed to eat his treats without getting the “take it!”command first but sometimes, the treat is so yummy that he forgets. When he does that, he always realizes his mistake immediately.

Fall Foliage

Fall foliage in New Hampshire is at its peak this week. Preston wouldn’t want to miss the dazzling fall colors at the Kancamagus highway.
Mommy and Aunt Chrissy ran a 10K race on Monday. Mommy ran as fast as she could, knowing Preston was waiting at the finish line.

Edible Rawhide Card

When Mommy and Daddy’s friends Auntie Katherine and Uncle Steve came back from their trip to Europe, they got Preston the coolest present – an edible rawhide greeting card! But the problem is…it is too cute to eat!
FYI: The cards are made by a company in U.K. Reg & Ruby
They are also available in the US at