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First Beach Trip

We took Preston to the beaches near Half Moon Bay along Highway 1. He was a little intimidated by the waves and kept his distance from the water but he did have a lot of fun playing with sand. A lot of cleaning up to do for Mommy afterwards though…
Preston at beach Preston playing with sand

Daddy please don’t go

Preston tried to prevent daddy from going on a trip.

Big Face

Preston was so exhausted that he allowed mommy to finally take a close up picture without him eating the camera. One minute he was awake, the next minute he was asleep.

Bang !

Preston learned to play dead when we shoot him with a “Bang!” This only took him 2 days to learn it.

Go To Bed

The next command that Preston learned is “Go To Bed”, which he would go into his crate. He is learning so quickly and this only took him 2 days to learn.

Mommy on Phone

We put the phone by Preston’s ear and mommy was on the line. He heard mommy calling his name.


Preston occasionally will snore when he sleeps.

Napa Valley

We went to Napa this past weekend and we took Preston with us. Luckily the weather wasn’t too warm so that when we left him inside the car it wouldn’t get too hot. When we visited Sterling Vineyards. we took him outside and he enjoyed running around the grass area and walking around the vineyard. I think he even enjoyed eating one of the grapes that are used to make Merlot. At that time we didn’t know that grapes may be poisonous to dogs in large quantities. No, he didn’t get to drink some wine, he’s still a puppy. It was a bit chilly outside and so he was wearing his sweater.

Preston Loves Vegetables

After we come home from food shopping, Preston loves to stick his nose and tries to bite the vegetables.
At first he tries to eat a red pepper. He just licked it and didn’t bite or eat it so he didn’t experience the hotness.

Then he tried to get a potato. He was able to get his mouth around it.

Lastly he tried to take on the watermelon. But I think it was a bit too big for him.

Preston RollOver

Preston finally rollsover on command after about 1 week of training. It was a lot of persistence and patience on mommy and daddys part, but he finally is able to do it with a hand gesture. He’s such a smart puppy. Question now is what are we going to train him next.