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Thanks to everyone who sent their well-wishes to Preston. The recovery has been slow because Preston runs and jumps as usual. The injured paw didn’t slow him down a bit. Daddy and Mommy are doing our best to take care of his paw and we wish he could be a bit more cooperative.
Here is a belated post from last weekend.

Occasionally, Daddy and Mommy would give Preston the chance to prove himself that he was a big boy and there was no need to crate him anymore. Preston has failed the test BIG TIME! When he gets upset for being left alone, Daddy and Mommy’s papers are at risk.

Preston is recovering from an injured paw but there is no excuse for bad behaviors!!


Not a happy weekend for Preston.
Preston was injured when chasing after the laser pointer. Mommy shouldn’t have played with him on the cement floor. One of his nails was ripped off. Ouch!! Mommy felt really bad about it and apologized with an extra large frosty paw.

Can’t go for a walk for a few days and no more rough play…bummer!

A Yummy Book

Mommy has been feeding Preston home-cooked meals so she would like to start her collection of doggie cookbooks. The first book Mommy got is Real Food for Dogs by Arden Moore. It is a fun book with lots of cute illustrations. Mommy got some good inspirations from the book, but some of the recipes are wayyyy too “yummy” for doggies’ daily consumption. Preston is not that lucky!
Real food for dogs

San Francsico

Preston spent a weekend being a city boy in San Francisco. He was a little overwhelmed by all the people, noises and scents in the city but he did enjoy all the attention he got everywhere he went (So did Daddy and Mommy).
Preston was admiring the beautiful Yerba Buena Gardens from the hotel room on the 18th floor. (no poochies allowed in the gardens unfortunately). He could spend a long long time enjoying the view by the window.

“Hearts in San Francisco”, Union Square

Cable Car on Powell Street
In case anyone was wondering what Preston was looking at, he spotted a chihuahua down the hill.


Preston usually gets exercise from his daily walk. When Daddy and Mommy can’t take him out for a walk, Preston goes to the fitness room. He sure has a great workout every time!


Preston does not need a lot of grooming but he is a BIG shedder, especially in the summer time. Mommy’s best weapon to deal with his shedding is the FURminator. (size Medium)
furminator Hmm...Maybe a Puggle-Chinese Crested hybrid isn't such a bad idea... Puggle_chinesecrested

Frosty Paws

Preston finally got to enjoy the popular summer doggie treat, Frosty Paws. He was in love with it at the first lick!
frosty paws
frsoty paw preston
Frosty Paws (the most popular version found online)
32 oz. plan, fat-free yogurt
1 banana (Mommy uses 2!)
2 tbs peanut butter
2 tbs honey

Blend all the ingredients together. Pour into 3 oz. ramekins and freeze.

(Blueberry Flavor)

A Saturday with Mommy

Daddy is out of town this weekend. Preston and Mommy are spending some quality time together.
“Mommy, can we go for a walk?”


Going for a walk on beautiful Stanford Campus

Mommy baked more of peanut butter biscuits. Yum!
peanutbutter cookies

Preston’s steak and pasta dinner (+spinach, carrot, avocado & chicken liver)
“Preston! Bad table manner!”
steak dinner

Awaiting “eat” command.
“That’s more like it, Preston. Good boy!”
steak dinner 2

Wanna go for a walk?

See how Preston answers the question “Wanna go for a walk?”

If Daddy or Mommy isn’t in the mood for a walk, this is what Preston does… It is not hard to guess why Preston always gets what he wants.