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Beach Trip

The weather is getting warmer here in Texas. When most people are looking forward to hitting the beach, Preston’s beach season soon will be over because in a couple of months, it will be too hot for him to enjoy the beach. Mommy and Daddy planned Easter weekend at the beach in Galveston Island, 50 miles southeast of Houston.

2011 Houston PetExpo

Preston was at Houston PetExpo this saturday.
It was a fun event where Preston got to check out the agility shows, meet new friends and sample new treats!
If Mommy didn’t stop Preston, he could have emptied the entire bowl of the hotdog infused water!

There were a lot of rescue groups at the event. Many many rescued dogs hope to find their new homes.

Mommy and Daddy wish they could help them all. In honor of Preston’s puggle heritage, Mommy and Daddy made donations to PugHearts and Beagle Rescue. Daddy played “spin the wheel” at the Beagle Rescue and won one of the grand prizes, a lovely doggie photo album!

Preston performed the Blanket trick at the trick contest.
He didn’t win the prize but did give the audience a good laugh when Mommy asked him to do it one more time and he said “NO!”

San Antonio, TX

A week ago, Preston visited San Antonio for a weekend getaway.
San Antonio is located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Mommy and Daddy planned a hiking trip in nearby Government Canyon State Natural Area.
After sharing a Texas-shaped waffle with Mommy, Preston was ready to hit the trail.

The natural vegetation in the Hill Country is sure very different from what Preston used to see in New England.

When the family goes hiking, Daddy is always the pack leader and Preston follows closely behind. When Preston senses that Mommy is falling behind the pack, he slows down his pace and waits for Mommy to catch up. Whenever he does that, his tail also goes from curly and up position to straight and down. His sweet gesture always makes Mommy feel warm and fuzzy inside.

After a day of hiking on Saturday, Preston spent Sunday sightseeing in downtown San Antonio.
Preston couldn’t miss a photo opportunity at The Alamo eventhough he wasn’t allowed to go inside. The Alamo is a very important battle site in Texas history.
The most fun Preston had was at River Walk. It is a network of walkways along the San Antonio River in downtown. There are lots of dog friendly shops and resturants along the walk.