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Puggle meetup

Preston went to a special puggle meetup today.
Animal Planet’s DOGS 101 is going to feature “Puggles” in their upcoming season. The camera crew was filming today’s puggle meetup in Boston. There were at least 40 puggles showing up for a fun day and the possibility of being on TV.
Luckily, Mommy put Preston’s “Cool-it” bandana on him; otherwise, he could have been easily lost in the crowd. Preston was not shy about getting attention. He was the only puggle that “spoke” to the camera.
It was such a fun day for Preston (Mommy and Daddy too!).
11/29/2009 update: The puggle episode of Dogs 101 was aired on thanksgiving weekend. Preston made three short appearances on the show. See the update and online version of the show.

Good Communication

Preston knows how to communicate with Mommy and Daddy. That’s why he always gets what he wants.

When hungry…

When nature calls…

(As much as Mommy and Daddy wish, the dog on the cover is not Preston.)
FYI:Poochie Bells

When it is time for his walk…

When he wants some cereal…

Historic tour of Plymouth

Preston visited Plymouth, MA this weekend (about 40 miles south of Boston).
Mayflower II, a full-size replica of the Mayflower, the ship which brought the Pilgrims to Plymouth in 1620.
Preston was admiring the famous “Plymouth Rock”, the landing place of the Pilgrims.


Preston is going green with the eco-friendly Skooperbox®.
When Preston is going on his daily walk along Charles River, Mommy uses the Skooperbox® to clean up after him.
FYI update 08/2010: As much as we like the idea behind the Skooperbox, we are sorry to say the box is not very practical to use. The lid doesn’t seal the smell and is not secure (we learned this the hard way). It is almost impossible to pick up soft poops. We are sticking to the degradable poop bags. Mutt Mitts are our favorite!


Blue Giraffe was the only plush toy that flew with Preston to his new home. The rest of his toys were delivered by the moving company.
He missed his toys so very much, when they arrived Preston couldn’t wait to get them out of the box.
The house was in chaos when Mommy was unpacking. Preston managed to find himself some peace.