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Sleepless in Seattle

This gotta be the most awesome vacation Preston has had by far.

Dog park at Luther Burbank Park, Mercer Island.
Puggle Preston at luther burbank pak

Magnuson Park, Seattle. There were hundreds of dogs playing and running in the 9-acre off-leash area.
PUGGLE PRESTON at magnuson park

Marymoor Park, Redmond. With 40-acre off-leash area, this is the biggest dog park Preston has been to.
puggle preston at Marymoor park

Visiting the beautiful UW campus.
puggle preston at uw

Admiring Space Needle from Kerry Park, Queen Anne Hill.
puggle preston seattle

Playing Tug-of-war with Cousin Flower.
puggle preston and cousin flower

Wrestling with the polar bear.
puggle preston and polar bear

Hello from Seattle

Preston is spending Christmas holidays at Grandma and Grandpa’s house in Seattle!
He made it to Seattle safely, whew! Judging from his expression, it didn’t seem like he had an enjoyable flight. (FYI: Preparing to fly with a puggle)
puggle preston travel

Preston was well-prepared for Seattle’s weather. The dog umbrella kept him dry (well… partially) from the rain.
puggle and dog umbrella

Happy Holidays!

No more reindeer hat or santa suit this year. Preston wishes everyone a very merry christmas!
Mommy and Daddy have been slacking on Christmas shopping this year. They got more trees than presents!
xmas trees 2007

Where are the treats?

Preston knows exactly where mommy keeps the treats.
See how he led Mommy to where his cookies, “pup-peroni”, chicken chips and yogurt were kept.

Mina and Milo the Westies

Mommy and Daddy’s friends, auntie Rebekah and Uncle Marshall, got a new westie puppy, Milo, a few months ago. They already had a 2-year westie girl named Mina. Preston went over to their house to say hi to his old “friend” Mina (Preston always drove Mina crazy when they met!) and to also meet little Milo for the first time. Milo and Preston hit it off immediately (Miss Mina on the other hand did not miss Preston very much!). They played all afternoon and night and wore each other out.
mina milo preston1

milo mina preston2

Flying with a puggle

Preston is very lucky to have a caring and knowledgeble veterinarian, Dr. Jill York at Sequoia Veterinary Hospital, Redwood City, watching over him. On Monday, Preston visited Dr. York for his annual checkup and also getting a health certificate for his big travel plans in three weeks. Preston is flying with Mommy and Daddy to Seattle and spending Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa. It is not a long flight (~2 hours) but Dr. York needed to make sure Preston was healthy enough so that the airline would let him get on the plane. Here is a list of things Mommy and Daddy have to do prior to bringing Preston on a plane.
1. Making reservations and purchasing tickets for Preston.
2. Getting a health certificate (within 30 days of departure for United Airlines)
3. Making sure his rabie shot is up-to-date.
4. Getting an airline approved kennel.
5. Making sure Preston’s ID tags and Microchip info is up-to-date.

Preston was a little nervous to see Dr. York because he remembered his previous visit- the wart surgery!! But this time, Preston went home with happy memories of yummy cookies. (This was of course the face BEFORE getting the cookies…)
dr york

12/31/2007 update: Flying with Preston wasn’t easy. Eventhough it was a direct flight, not being able to have him right next to us added a lot of stress. Here are a few things we have learned from the trip.
1. Carry both Rabie vaccination and health certificate.
2. Call the airline and confirm the price of your pet’s ticket. (In our case, Preston’s ticket was paid at the time of check-in.) Let them know the size of the kennel you will be using. We were flying with United Airline and paid $100 for outbound from SFO to SEA; however, on our return trip, they wanted to charge us $200 becuase Preston’s kennel was “oversized”.
3. It is requried by the airline to include water and food dishes (you don’t have to include the food but the dishes are required) in the crate. It is a good idea to feeze water in the dish and let it melt during the flight. We were also asked to sign a statement comfirming that Preston was fed within 4 hours prior to the flight departure.
4. Get to the airport early. After checking Preston (and us) in, we had to bring Preston to a desinated area for screening. The TSA personnel checked his kennel and any items in it. After his kennel was secured, we were not able to go near Preston. United airline personnel took over from that point on. We did tip the person taking care of Preston. Not sure if that helped or not.
5. Obtain confirmation that your pet is on board from the flight attendant. United Airline provided us confirmation before the plane taking off.
puggle on board confirm
6. Preston was picked up at oversized baggage claim.

FYI: Preston’s second flying experience 04/2009 from SFO to Boston.
11/20/2010 Flying with Continental Airlines Petsafe Program from Houston to Seattle: Flying…Again!

The Coolest Dog Park…Ever!!

Preston visited Auntie Karin and Uncle John in San Francisco this weekend. They took Preston to Chrissy Field Park.

Preston was in paradise because beaches and dog parks are two of his favorite places on earth and Chrissy Field Park is a dog park by the beach!
chirssy field1

Preston met Jackson the super digger.
chrissy field park 4

Jackson sure is a serious digger.
chrissy field park 3

Preston and the Boston were wrestling with each other while Jackson was working hard on his “project”.
chrissy field park5

Ta-da! Project completed! Two perfectly symmetric holes big enough to fit a lab. good job, Jackson!
chrissy field park 6

Los Angeles Trip II

Baywatch Puggle, Santa Monica.
baywatch puggle

Preston couldn’t leave LA without tasting the famous Pinkberry!
Preston’s pick: Green Tea yogurt + blueberry + Mango +Carob chips (no worries, it wasn’t chocolate!) hmm…Yum!

Los Angeles Trip I

After the thanksgiving feast, Preston took a road trip to LA with Mommy, Daddy and Uncle Allen. It was a 6-hour drive and Preston slept through it.
Preston was a VIP (Very Important Poochie) in the hotel. They even had a dog bed for Preston.

Preston’s “Heavenly Dog Bed” provided by the hotel.
westin heavenly dog bed

Visiting Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hill.
via rodeo

Chinese Theater, Hollywood
chinese theater

Maybe one day… Walk of Fame, Hollywood
walk of fame

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving dinner was at Great Auntie Amy’s house this year. Mommy made sweet potato casserole, one for the dinner table and one for Preston!

Preston’s turkey dinner. The Honest Kitchen “Verve” + sauteed turkey with parsley and garlic powder.
turkey dinner

Sweet Potato Casserole specially made for Preston.
sweet potato casserole

Preston’s Sweet Potato Cassesrole
Sweet Potato
1 cup mashed sweet potato
1 egg
1 tsp ground cinnamon

Beat together the above ingredients and fill two 3 oz. ramekins (Mommy also made crust this time). Bake at 350F for 30 minutes.

2 tsp butter
2 tsp dark brown sugar
2 tbs flour
1 tbs crushed pecans

Mix together to make crumbs. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes. Sprinkle over the potatoes.