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58 toys and counting

One of the most amazing talent Preston has is remembering the names of his toys. Many people have asked Mommy and Daddy how they train Preston to do that. Well…. Mommy and Daddy can’t take much credit for this. The only thing they do is name the toys and tell Preston what they are. He gets it right away and never forgets it.
Here is a video showing Preston opening the package his friend Clover sent him and learning the name of the new toy. (Warning- 5-min video).

(mommy can’t stand her own voice in the video. she swears she doesn’t talk to humans with that baby voice…only to Preston and he loves it :-))

Hockey Puck and Stick

Preston’s dear friend, Clover, sent Preston a Canadian hockey stick for his birthday last year. This Christmas, Preston got an Ottawa Senator’s hockey puck from Clover. It seems like Mommy will have to start shopping for skates for Preston soon.
Thank you, Clover!

Preston never forgets how kind and thoughtful Clover is.

Mommy & Daddy Return

When Mommy and Daddy were away, Preston had a wonderful time with his friends Mina, Milo and Maui (Mina & Milo’s cousin).
Here are some pictures Auntie Rebekah took.

Mommy and Daddy were wondering if Preston had so much fun that he would forget about them.
Guess Mommy and Daddy didn’t have to worry about that…