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Brunch at Cavallo Point

Preston enjoyed a nice Sunday brunch at Cavallo Point Lodge.

He shared a spinach omelette with Mommy, but Mommy saved the bacon for herself.

After the nice meal, he got a good run in the huge field in front of the restaurant.

Cavallo Point Lodge has an awesome view of the Golden Gate Bridge.


Preston visited Monterey and Carmel today.

He was checking out the sea lions. Can you see three sea lions chilling out on the rocks?

He stopped by Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. and found the box of chocolate that Forrest Gump left behind. Oh…Forrest left his shoes too…


Preston is going to have to make a big adjustment. He is leaving the apartment that he grew up in and moving in to a completely new place.
The new home is only 20 minutes away but Preston will have to say good-bye to his usual dog parks and make new friends in the new dog parks.

A last minute inspection making sure mommy didn’t leave anything behind.

Arrived at the new home and exhausted from the move.

Get the Phone

Preston is Mommy and Daddy’s little helper at home.

Secrets Revealed

Guess what Preston was doing?

He was hiding his rawhide!
Preston has several other hiding places at home. Since he will be movng to a new home in a couple of weeks, mommy and daddy think it is okay to reveal his secret hiding places to the world.

Gentle Puggle

Preston has no problem with destroying his stuffies…Mommy has performed surgeries on almost everyone of them.
The most recent victim…the horse.

However, Preston is especially gentle with Danny the duck. He carries it around all the time and treats Danny like a baby. Danny still got its original paper tag!

Today, Preston found a baby bird on the ground. He was very curious about this little creature but treated the baby bird gently like he did with Danny. He left the bird alone and hopes baby bird finds its mommy.

Pet Parade

Time flies! It is Redwood City Pet Parade again!
Preston dressed up for the parade like he did last year.

Preston was walking in front of the Little Red Riding Hood and “Granny” weim in the parade.

Preston was performing the “circle around mommy” in the trick contest. He also completed the “Nike Ball” trick this time.

Preston got Second Place in the trick contest (again!). The first prize went to a very smart beagle who could jump through the hoops.