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Dog Park Injury

Preston was injured in the dog park by another dog today.
A dog came to the dog park with his parents who just adopted him from the shelter two weeks ago. Mommy was happy that he found a new home but did not think he was quite ready for dog parks. He was aggressive towards the first two dogs he encountered and was asked to leave by the other dog parents. His daddy explained that he wanted him to get used to being around other dogs. He was put on a leash but apparently his daddy still did not have full control over him. Mommy was worried about Preston because he always had to make sure that he greets every dog that came into the park. Mommy wanted Preston to stay away and he did at the beginning. Then, Preston remembered he hadn’t said hello to the newbie. Before mommy could stop him, the mean dog grabbed Preston’s face and wouldn’t let go until his daddy made him. Mommy was heartbroken to find a very deep wound on Preston’s face.

Time to go nite nite

See how Preston gets ready for bed.

Canine Arthritis

First it was Milo, then Preston and now Milo’s sister, Mina, is also limping. Mina’s mommy found a dime-size lump on her knee. The X-ray shows calcium deposit on her joint. According to the vet, it might be caused by a previously undetected injury that did not heal properly. Both the specialist and radiologist did not recommend a surgery so Mina will have to live with it. The limping comes and goes but poor Mina will have to be refrained from one of her favorite activities, chasing squirrels, for some time. Mina’s mommy is adding glucosamine supplement to her diet. It is not going to make the calcium lump go away but might help her joints in the long run. 500mg/day is a safe dosage recommended by the vet (for 20lb Mina).
Best wishes to Mina!

It’s a li’l stinker!

Good guess, everyone!
There are many skunks in the neighborhood where Preston lives. They usually come out at night and make Preston’s late night walkies or potty runs quite an adventure. Mommy thinks the little stinker costume would be a great disguise and keep Preston safe.
You think Preston can fool the real stinkers?
“ is me!”
He does look like a cow, doesn’t he? That was a good guess too!