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Preston 7 : Nolan 2

Preston turned seven years old on 7/9. Nolan’s birthday is a day later and he turned two.

The whole family celebrated the double birthday with a family trip to Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.
Whistler is a well-known ski resort, host of the 2010 Winter Olympic Game. Summer in Whistler is also absolutely gorgeous!

Preston and Nolan opened their birthday presents from Mommy and Daddy at Lost Lake.

Preston had fun swimming in the lake and went canoeing with Mommy and Daddy.

Mommy and Daddy pulled a prank on Preston. They dropped him off on a floating deck in the middle of the lake. At first, Preston was so focus on enjoying his fish skin treat that he didn’t even notice he was left behind…

Nolan was too young to go canoeing but that didn’t mean he had to miss out on all the fun.

Whistler is such a fun place to visit. Mommy and Daddy want to make this an annual trip!
Back at home, the birthday celebration continued.
Mommy baked some biscuits with the awesome doggie biscuit maker Preston received from Oliver and Jack last Christmas.

Preston and Nolan got some really awesome presents from their puggle pals.
Thank you all for thinking of Preston and Nolan on their birthdays.
Oliver and Jack sent a BIG present that both Preston and Nolan love, a play tent!

Nolan is very much into fire trucks right now. He received perfect presents from Bruschi and Ebby. Preston can always sniff out the goodies from Woof Gang Bakery when the packages from Bruschi and Ebby arrive.

Preston got his first Barkbox in the mail. It was from Poochy puggle! Mommy was always curious about what comes in the Barbox. You won’t know until you receive one! There are samples of treats, neat gadgets and new toys to try out. It is such an awesome idea. The surprise is always part of the fun!

Thank you so much, everyone!

ps. in case you were wondering about the bandage on Nolan’s arm…the little monkey fell off the sofa and broke his arm 🙁

Hello, we are back!

Did Mommy and Daddy forget about blogging for THREE months?!
Thank all of you who wrote and checked in on Preston and family. Preston is doing very well, so are Mommy, Daddy and Nolan.
Back in February, Mommy, Daddy and Nolan took a trip to Taiwan. It is always hard to leave for a trip without Preston. The look on Preston’s face when he sees all the luggages lined up by the front door makes it even harder to say good-bye.

After Mommy and Daddy got back from their trip, they immediately dove into a big project that has been keeping them very busy. What is this big project?

Yes, they bought a piece of land and are going to build a new house that will be Preston’s new home!
Building a house is such a challenge but at the same time, exciting project. Hopefully, by this time next year, Preston’s new home will be completed. Mommy and Daddy will be sharing the progress of this home building journey here on Preston’s blog.

Mommy and Daddy might be busy but they didn’t forget to take Preston on new adventures.
Preston is a frequent visitor to the beach in Newport.

In Spring, Tulip Festival in Woodburn, Oregon is a must-go event.

Preston roamed around in the snow at Mary’s Peak summit, the highest point in the Oregon Coast Range.

Nolan is doing very well too.

He is growing up fast and has started school.

Giving Preston a bath is one of Nolan’s favorite things to do!


If you are a long-time follower of Preston’s adventures, you are probably not surprised by this.
Preston moved from California to Massachusetts, then to Texas in the past six years.
Mommy and Daddy like living in Houston, especially after they met some wonderful friends here. They feel very sad about saying good-bye to their friends but are also very excited about their next move. It is hard not too….because this is the State which Mommy, Daddy, Preston and Nolan will call home next week!

A day in Austin

A couple of weeks ago, Preston spent a fun day in Austin.
The day started off with a wonderful brunch at the super dog-friendly Westin Hotel. Preston was even offered the option of dining inside of the restaurant but Mommy and Daddy knew Preston would prefer staying on the patio.

Because it was a last-minute trip, Preston missed another chance to meet his long-time puggle buddy, Coco Puff. However, since Westin Hotel is right next to the (very dog-friendly) department store where Coco’s mommy works, Preston surprised her at work. Nolan got to meet Lena for the first time too!

After visiting Lena, Preston and family headed to their hiking destination-Pedernales Fall State Park.
How do you hike with a baby?? This is how!

Preston couldn’t wait to jump in the water.

There is a beach area where Preston can swim alongside other human kids!

What an awesome place!

Oh Joy!

Mother’s day this year was especially special…

Preston is such a sweet brother. Thanks for being so tolerant of Baby Nolan…

To be fair, Nolan is not always harassing his puggle brother.
(This gives Mommy teary eyes…)

Life with a Baby: Before the Arrival

As his baby brother’s due date is approaching, Preston is making a few adjustments to prepare for the life with a baby.
He is learning how to walk properly next to the stroller. He is doing very well!

He will need to share the back car seat space with his baby brother.

He needs to get used to being ignored…

Mommy and Daddy are keeping the baby’s and Preston’s toys separated.
Preston is a little upset when being told he couldn’t have the giant doll.

…just “a little” upset…

Good Morning, Mommy!

Preston used to be the last one to get out of the bed every morning. He stayed under the covers until Mommy had his breakfast ready. Since having the baby brother in her belly, Mommy started to sleep in every day…and sleep way past Preston’s breakfast time. This got Preston worried about his breakfast being forgotten.
For the past few months, Preston has been getting up before Mommy does. Being very sweet and considerate, he doesn’t wake Mommy up. He lets Mommy sleep as long as she needs. He just stares at Mommy’s face until she opens her eyes. As soon as Mommy opens her eyes, Preston showers Mommy with good-morning kisses. He does this EVERY morning and often has to wait for more than half an hour before Mommy finally wakes up.

It wasn’t Preston’s intention to wake Mommy up but sometimes, he got so close to Mommy’s face that his whiskers made Mommy sneeze!

Mommy has a great start of the day every morning! Lucky her!

Oh boy!

Preston is going to be a big brother!
For the past 8 months, Preston has been helping Mommy and Daddy prepare for the arrival of his 2-legged baby brother.
Making sure the cribs are comfy for the baby…

Testing the baby’s ride…

If it looks good on Preston, it will look good on the baby.

Preston thinks Mommy’s maternity pillow is his new bed. It is so nice of him to share it with Mommy.

Preston has not been around babies much and is always a little uncertain about kids. Mommy and Daddy hope he will be a loving big brother to the baby. The baby’s due date is July 10, the day after Preston’s birthday! As to the life with a baby, Preston still has a lot to learn, so do Mommy and Daddy…

Preston on TV!!

Awhile back, Mommy and Daddy were contacted by the production company about putting Preston on Animal Planet’s special called “Dogs vs. Cats“. They were thrilled that Preston could show the world how funny and smart he was on TV!
After months of anticipation, the show finally aired on Saturday. It was a very entertaining show and brought good laughs to Mommy and Daddy. In the show, dogs and cats go head-to-head in seven competitions: companionship, athleticism, cuteness, history, cleanliness, intelligence and cost. Preston represented the dogs in both companionship and intelligence competitions.
Here are some behind-the-scence photos during the filming of the intelligence competition.

After a week-long road trip, Preston arrived at his new home in Houston the night before “Dogs vs. Cats” aired. Mommy and Daddy brought a TV with them in the car and scheduled the cable installation on Saturday afternoon in time to catch the 7pm show. There were only a dogbed and a TV in the empty living room but tons of fun and laughter from watching the whole family on TV!

Hope many of you got to watch the show. If you missed it this weekend, a re-run is scheduled on August 7th (sat) 3pm ET/PT.
For those of you who don’t have access to Animal Planet, here is a brief summary.
In the Companionship competition, Preston was asked to choose between Mommy and 30 pounds of Bacon.

“Sorry, Mommy! 30lbs of bacon is once in a lifetime opportunity that no doggie can pass up…”

The winner in this competition went to Golden, the cat who chose his mommy over 30lbs of tuna. (but in Preston’s heart, he was the biggest winner that day. mmm…bacon…yum)

Later in the show, Preston faced a tough opponent in the intelligence category. He was going against Vegas show cats!
Mommy and Daddy were impressed by what those professional show cats could do but they had confidence in Preston.

Congrats! Preston won it for the dogs in the intelligence category! Mommy and Daddy were so proud!

Hope you enjoy the show!
Update: Clips of the show “Dogs vs. Cats”- Companionship and Intelligence

Vacation Day1

Preston’s new adventure will make anyone who likes to hike envious. This coming week, he is going on a 7-day road trip with Mommy and Daddy to Maine and Canada. There will be a lot of hiking involved. Everybody’s gotta pack their hiking boots.

First destination- Acadia National Park, Maine.

It is a beautiful day to visit the park.

Preston got to explore the ocean and lake and hike a rocky trail and a board walk.

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