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Doggie Beer

Preston will no longer feel left out of the party. He got his own doggie beer!
Happy Tail Ale is a non-alcoholic beef flavored drink from the wine country, Napa Valley.
doggie beer

A hunting puggle?

Preston was trying out his hunting skills in Bayfront park this weekend.
“Shhh…. mommy”
puggle preston and geense

“oh, shoot!”
puggle preston geense2

Going after the ground squirrels
puggle preston and ground squirrels

The squirrels disappeared into their ground burrow.
squirrel burrow

Gotta get to the bottom of this!
puggle preston digging squirrel burrow

A bunny?!
preston bayfront bunny


The grass on Preston’s playground (aka the courtyard of our apartment) was recently replaced with K9Grass®. It is great to know that it will always be green and there will be no more lawn mowers that Preston hates but Preston is still a little skeptical about this artificial grass.
K9grass puggle preston

New bed II

Preston really likes the new bed Mommy picked out for him. How could he not? It reads “if my dreams would come true, bones will rain from the sky”.
puggle preston's new bed

Mommy baked Okinawan Sweet Potatoes that she found in the market. They are very nutritious and have the prettiest deep purple color. Preston just couldn’t have enough of this yummy treat.
okinawan sweet potato


Preston got the coolest toy from Mina and Milo. It is called Bettie. Mommy stuffs Bettie’s hollow legs with tasty treats. It keeps Preston busy for a long time. Bettie is also great for fetching and tug-of-war.
puggle preston and bettie

Rainy Weekend

Rainy days make people and puggles lazy. Preston was resting his head on the table while watching football on TV with Daddy.
puggle preston resting his head on table

Preston is not allowed to eat anything off the floor. He is good most of the time; however, occasionally he would sneak something behind mommy’s back. When mommy asked him “Did you eat something off the floor, Preston?”, he would give mommy an innocent look and wonder how mommy found out.
puggle preston sneak food off the floor

Wacky Pet Products

Preston’s Fetch-a-Bubble pictures were featured in a gallery of wacky pet products on This Old House Magazine’s website.
Mommy and Daddy are tempted to try out some of the wacky gadgets, the “poop-freeze” in particular.
wacky pet products