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Yosemite National Park

Preston, Mommy and Daddy visited Yosemite National Park last weekend. It was Preston’s second visit to the park. He LOVES the snow!
The happiest dog in the snow!
Yosemite is a winter wonderland this time of the year.
Preston had a blast in the snow.

Valentine’s day ’09

Preston’s Valentine’s day tradition – a dessert splurge!
This year’s dessert was Sprinkle’s doggie cupcakes! Preston got to try both yogurt and carob flavors.

Valentine’s day ’08-Blueberry Tart
Valentine’s day ’07-Berry Cobbler

Curly Tails

Mommy thinks one of the cutest feature puggles have is their curly tails. They always made Mommy smile. Preston hasn’t met a puggle whose tail curls to the left. Any lefties out there?
Which one is Preston’s?
Preston met up with his new friend Max, and Max’s sister, Bella, this weekend. They all share the same curiosity.

Mochi Ice Cream

Work has been keeping Mommy very busy lately. Not only did mommy work long hours last week, she also brought work back home. When Mommy was working at her desk, Preston kept bringing his toys to Mommy one by one. They soon piled up around Mommy’s desk.
To make it up to Preston, Mommy gave 100% (almost) attention to Preston this weekend and shared “Mochi ice cream” with him. It is a Japanese rice cake with ice cream filling.