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Yosemite winter snow

Preston’s first overnight trip away from home was to see the winter snow in Yosemite National Park. He had a lot of fun playing in the snow and made “yellow snow”.


Puppy School Graduation

Preston graduated from puppy school today. We are so proud of him.


Trick Recap

Preston has been busy learning to be obedient, but he hasn’t forgotten all the tricks he’s learned.

Obedience Training

1) Leave It and Take It

2) Stay and Come

3) Wait and Go

4) Wipe your Paw
Preston knows “Wipe your butt” too (we’ll leave that to your imagination)

Morning Traffic Watcher

Every morning when Preston wakes up he has a habit of looking outside the window. He likes to watch the cars go by.

Photo contest winner

Preston won another photo contest. He is the December 2006 3rd place winner out of 1000 dog photos. I wonder what’s next? Of course we’re biased and think that Preston should have won first place!