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Preston on TV!!

Awhile back, Mommy and Daddy were contacted by the production company about putting Preston on Animal Planet’s special called “Dogs vs. Cats“. They were thrilled that Preston could show the world how funny and smart he was on TV!
After months of anticipation, the show finally aired on Saturday. It was a very entertaining show and brought good laughs to Mommy and Daddy. In the show, dogs and cats go head-to-head in seven competitions: companionship, athleticism, cuteness, history, cleanliness, intelligence and cost. Preston represented the dogs in both companionship and intelligence competitions.
Here are some behind-the-scence photos during the filming of the intelligence competition.

After a week-long road trip, Preston arrived at his new home in Houston the night before “Dogs vs. Cats” aired. Mommy and Daddy brought a TV with them in the car and scheduled the cable installation on Saturday afternoon in time to catch the 7pm show. There were only a dogbed and a TV in the empty living room but tons of fun and laughter from watching the whole family on TV!

Hope many of you got to watch the show. If you missed it this weekend, a re-run is scheduled on August 7th (sat) 3pm ET/PT.
For those of you who don’t have access to Animal Planet, here is a brief summary.
In the Companionship competition, Preston was asked to choose between Mommy and 30 pounds of Bacon.

“Sorry, Mommy! 30lbs of bacon is once in a lifetime opportunity that no doggie can pass up…”

The winner in this competition went to Golden, the cat who chose his mommy over 30lbs of tuna. (but in Preston’s heart, he was the biggest winner that day. mmm…bacon…yum)

Later in the show, Preston faced a tough opponent in the intelligence category. He was going against Vegas show cats!
Mommy and Daddy were impressed by what those professional show cats could do but they had confidence in Preston.

Congrats! Preston won it for the dogs in the intelligence category! Mommy and Daddy were so proud!

Hope you enjoy the show!
Update: Clips of the show “Dogs vs. Cats”- Companionship and Intelligence

MA-TX Road Trip #2

On day3 of the trip, Preston visited Washington D.C., one of Mommy and Daddy’s favorite cities. Daddy was even considering taking a job here but eventually decided to go to Houston.

The next day Preston arrived in Virginia and continued his journey south through Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park.
The beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains on Skyline Drive.

Mommy and Daddy planned a 3-hour hike in Shenandoah National Park. It is a bear country here so Preston had to be on leash. Mommy and Daddy picked a trail (rose river trail) with streams and waterfalls. They know how much Preston loves the water.

**Reminder** See Preston on TV 7/24 (Sat) 8pm ET/PT (7pm Central) on Animal Planet “Dogs vs. Cats“!

MA-TX road trip #1

Preston’s road trip is off to a great start.
Preston visited his blogging friend, Oliver Tates, when passing through New Jersey.

Preston also met his 1-year-old cousin Deana for the first time and learned that babies are not as scary as he previously thought. They give treats…very generously.

After leaving New Jersey, Preston’s next stop is Philadelphia.

Of course Philly Cheesesteak is on the must-do list.
Preston is here to settle the famous Philly Cheesesteak rivalry between Geno’s and Pat’s. They are located across the street from each other.
And the verdict is….

Goodbye, Boston!

Preston said goodbye to Boston this weekend.
Mommy and Daddy think the summer weather is too hot for Preston to fly so they decided to make a roadtrip from Boston to Houston since they know Preston loves roadtrips (much better than flying for sure!) and they can also visit friends and family along the way.
It is gonna be a long long trip!

Mommy and Daddy are excited about moving to Houston but they are also very sad about saying goodbye to Boston. Preston is going to miss all the fun things he can do in New England all year round.

Photo Gallery: There are many many more things Mommy, Daddy and Preston will miss about New England. Click ” i ” for captions and “FS” for full-screen view.
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***ATTENTION*** Preston will be on TV again! The new show he is participating this time is Animal Planet’s “Dogs vs. Cats“, scheduled to be aired on 7/24 (Sat) 8:00pm PT/ET. Preston will show the world how smart dogs can be!

Happy Birthday!!!

Preston turned four on Friday!
Look at all the birthday presents and yummy treats he received.

The blue elephant is his new favorite toy. Thank you, Oliver!

Bruschi got Preston a bunch of yummy treats including the biggest cookies he has ever seen. It took Preston a while to figure out what to do with it. Thank you, Bruschi!

Mommy and Daddy ordered a doggie birthday cake from Polka Dog Bakery, the most awesome doggie bakery in Boston.

Preston shared some of his birthday cake with Bunbun the Havanese. Bunbun invited him to her new house.

“I want my stuffie!”

Hope everyone had a wonderful fourth of July weekend!
Preston’s big move to TX is approaching. Mommy and Daddy spent most of the long weekend getting ready for the move. Mommy packed away Preston’s big stuffie collection (more than 70!) and kept a few of his faovrite so he could take them with him on the road….at least that was what she thought so…
Preston insisted his favorite stuffie was still in the bag…