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Sukiyaki Treats

Mommy got some Sukiyaki meat (thinly sliced beef/chicken) from the asian market this week and made Preston some beef and chicken chips.
Mommy laid the beef slices on the lightly greased foil. They were ready to go into a 200F oven.
2 hours later…. crunchy sukiyaki!
Guess what Preston is going to be this Halloween? (It is a tricky one!)

Limping puggle

No dog park for Preston this week.
Preston got back from the slumber party last weekend with a limping hind leg. He and Milo had way too much fun. According to Auntie Rebekah, the two of them “played like there was no tomorrow!”
Mommy couldn’t figure out what was wrong with Preston’s leg. He didn’t seem to be in pain when Mommy examined his paw and leg but wouldn’t put weight on his right hind leg.
According to Dr. Eric Barchas, it could be “soft tissue trauma”. The best treatment is rest. This gives the affected joint or muscle time to heal. So Preston was put on bed rest for two days. This meant no running, playing or even walking!
The doctor was right! Preston recovered quickly and was back to normal on the third day.

Slumber party

To celebrate Milo’s speedy recovery from his foxtail ordeal, Milo and Mina invited Preston over for a slumber party.
Uncle Marsh picked up Preston on Friday night. Mommy was sending Preston off.

It must have been a great party. When mommy arrived at Milo and Mina’s house the next day…
Preston visited the dog park near Milo and Mina’s house and met a puggle named Wade. He is the BIGGEST puggle (40 lb!) Preston has ever met. (Preston is the butt sniffer in the picture).
It was Mommy’s birthday on Saturday but Preston looked more excited about the cake (that he couldn’t eat!) than mommy did.

Fun and Yum

Freddy, Rocket and Preston met up again this weekend!
This time the party was at Cuesta Park, Mountain View.
JJ, Henry and Romeo joined the party too!
Preston likes eating grass, so do Freddy and Rocket! Mommy recommends Pet GreensĀ® treats, made of beef/chicken and wheat grass.