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Uber special birthday

Preston turned FIVE on July 9th.
Because Baby Nolan’s due date was so close to Preston’s birthday, Mommy and Daddy couldn’t organize a big celebration for Preston as planned. Mommy and Daddy felt really bad about it.
How fortunate Preston is to have so many friends who made this year’s birthday extra specially special for him.

Baby Nolan also received the most thoughtful presents from Preston’s friends. Thank you SO much!
Birthday boy!

To make this birthday even more special, Grandma was here to celebrate with Preston and she got Preston a birthday cake from Jackson’s Gourmet Dog Bakery.

Finally…the BIG birthday present from Mommy and Daddy….

Baby is here!

Preston’s baby brother was born on July 10th, right on the due date!
His name is Nolan.
Both Mommy and Nolan are doing great. Thanks for all the well wishes!
Mommy and Daddy have been very busy with taking care of Nolan and helping Preston adjust to life with a baby. They know many of Preston’s friends were waiting to find out how he reacted to baby Nolan. They certainly will share more photos and videos of Preston and baby Nolan as soon as they have time. For now, this picture says how Preston feels about having a baby brother….