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Good Samaritans

Two weeks ago, as Mommy and Preston were leaving the dog park and walking towards their car, Mommy heard a bang. It wasn’t very loud but enough to catch Mommy’s attention. She looked up and saw someone breaking the window of a car parked right next to hers. Mommy was so naive. The first thing that came into her mind was a dog locked inside the car along with the car key in the 85F weather and his/her owner had to break open the window to rescue the dog. Then she saw the guy bending over into the car and coming out with a purse. She suddenly realized what was going on. Preston and Mommy just witnessed a break-in! After getting the purse, the guy jumped into his own car and sped away! But… Mommy got his license plate number!!
Mommy found the owner of the car and helped her report the incident to the police. The poor lady was devastated. She left everything, including her house keys, in the purse because she thought she was “just a few steps away in the dog park…”
Mommy couldn’t believe things like this could happen in a busy parking lot, in broad daylight and in front of her eyes! The whole incident took place in less than 10 seconds!

It turns out car break-ins happen frequently in the dog parks everywhere. Dog parks have become easy targets for the thieves because dog owners are more likely to leave their bags and valuables in the car while staying in the park. The lady in this incident even hid her purse under the seat and still became the victim. Mommy wants to remind everyone to never leave your valuables in the car when you visit dog parks even though you think it is just a short visit and you are close by. It only takes 10 seconds!
Hope the bad guy gets caught with the information Mommy and Preston provided…

Oh boy!

Preston is going to be a big brother!
For the past 8 months, Preston has been helping Mommy and Daddy prepare for the arrival of his 2-legged baby brother.
Making sure the cribs are comfy for the baby…

Testing the baby’s ride…

If it looks good on Preston, it will look good on the baby.

Preston thinks Mommy’s maternity pillow is his new bed. It is so nice of him to share it with Mommy.

Preston has not been around babies much and is always a little uncertain about kids. Mommy and Daddy hope he will be a loving big brother to the baby. The baby’s due date is July 10, the day after Preston’s birthday! As to the life with a baby, Preston still has a lot to learn, so do Mommy and Daddy…

Save the cars!

Anyone who lives with a big shedder like Preston can understand Mommy’s headache over dog hair in the cars!
A lot of Preston’s hair was accumulating in the hard-to-reach places in the car. For a long time, Mommy had given up on cleaning the hair out of her “puggle mobile”. But when the “puggle mobile” started to smell like a puggle even when Preston wasn’t on board, Mommy had to do something about the dog hair at the bottom of the car seats!
Mommy is happy to annouce that she has found the best gadgets to deal with this problem!
This Micro Vacuum Attachment Kit is one of the best $10 Mommy has ever spent.
Mommy’s cleaning gadgets-

It took a lot of effort but Mommy’s car is finally clean again!

As to the hair on the fabric upholstery, Mommy found the best way to remove it is with a slightly damp cloth.

Finally, for Mommy’s worst nightmare, Preston’s stinky anal gland accidents! (or sometimes just “mysterious stains”!), Mommy’s secret weapon is Folex Carpet Spot Remover.